From A to Z: B(etwixt)


Neither here nor there in any decision, she sat immobile, sitting at the kitchen table, staring at really nothing. Her body was facing the window, eyes open, fixed on nothing at all. Resting her chins on her hands, she sat. Sat for a long time, what felt like an even longer time then actually strolled by.

It was depressingly quiet in the apartment. Everyone gone, in one way or another, except for her. Pain wracked, hunched over, unable to sleep at night but napped all day, food tasting like nothing, nothing feeling like it was, she sat. Books began to bore her. TV…what was the use of so many channels when so much of it was garbage. So, she sat.

There was no epiphany, no trumpeting of alarms, no moment of clarity. Groaning as she made her attempts to get out of the chair, she reached for her cane. Standing bent, pain by pain, she left through the kitchen, the only goal to make it to the couch.

She stopped in the hallway, and stood. It was only the pain in her body that reminded her where she was going.

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