From A to Z: F(reak)


Part 3: Elora, of light

Part 4: Freak

“DamnitIwasquietwhatthehelldidIdo?????”, Daniel thought as he ran away full tilt. He didn’t plan to stop until he went beyond the ridge, hoping to be well out of sight. Something caught him short, sending him ass over teakettle, through the brambles and onto his, well, ass. He hit his head on a small jutting cylinder of a rock formation and saw a different set of stars then the naked woman was looking at, when he was looking at her, without a sound, he thought.

“Oooph”, he groaned, followed by a considerably anguished “OW!”

Daniel was in the same position as the lady was when he first came upon her. “But, I’m not butt naked,” he grinned to himself. “Ow,” he repeated, and then again “ow ow ow!” He laid there for a few minutes, catching his breath, holding the slight throbbing bulb of a knot on the back of his head. Daniel felt for something wet. He’s bled before, many times, and checking for this tell tale sign that something was really wrong was a lesson he’s learned often, to his parents chagrin and embarrassment.

Dry, he heaved a sigh as he turned his head back and forth, looking to see if the naked lady had followed him. She hadn’t, or not that he could see anyways. Slowly getting up, Daniel brushed himself off, adjusted his pants (which were all askew, for various reasons), started to walk again towards the ridge of the glen..and was again stopped short. This time, not running, he was just caught on something. Tugging, and then tugging a bit more, he was let loose.

Turning around quickly, he didn’t find anything, but something swung around and gently tapped brushed against the back of his leg, Daniel didn’t see anything. Reaching behind him, he pulled something off (well, with a touch of effort) his rear jean pocket. The light from the waning moon was just enough for him to see what it was. Daniel could not believe what he was holding.

It was a lightweight tulle half cup non padded bra. See through, he was pretty sure, as he’s known the moon to play tricks on him before. “Well, as God is my judge…” he said out loud. The bra had caught on one of the larger brambles, and with the bra hanging low, and he ran right into it. “Hmmm… pretty good quality. It didn’t rip or tear.”

He stuffed the bra into his pants pocket. Looking around, seeing nothing following him but the moon, Daniel continued walking home.

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  1. Love the series you’re doing, will be a challenge, but very worthwhile. Mine went very dark today…now doing the post on I. Thanks for your kind comments yesterday.


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