A to Z Blog Challenge: I(nbox of the damned)


Part One Part Two
Part Three Part Four
Part Five Part 6: Hamlet, or so tis be

Part 7: Inbox of the damned

There were 365 emails waiting for Elora, two days since she last checked. “365 in just two freaking weeks,” she said to herself, with a heaviness that kept from deleting all 365 with one click.  Twelve were from her dad (“Thanks Dad”), forty two were from her mom, sixty even were from her sister, fifty nine were odds and ends of no huge importance, and all two hundred and ten vomit inducing OTHERS were from that lousy-back-stabbing-cheating-lying-sack-of-crap she used to call Hers. Jay. God, she hated Jay so much. Hated hated hated HATED Jay!

Elora turned off the light in her bedroom, letting the glow from her laptop wash over her as she sat at the desk propped against the wall. Rain was slithering down the window pane as she scrolled up and down skimming over the subject lines: I’m sorry, Forgive me, She meant nothing, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, You’re a selfish BITCH, Sorry, Sorry…..and it went on and on. In between she saw the Elora Call Me, Please come home, We’re worried about you, Call please..please..please…

The tears slithered down her face as she clicked on ALL and then DELETE.

Elora sat staring at the laptop screen, her email log blank, for another hour. Another 47 emails bled their way onto the screen during that hour. They blurred into one foggy haze and her eyes glazed over, not taking in who they were from or what they said.

This time she didn’t wait. All. Delete.

She deleted her email account.


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  1. Good story! I found you through the A to Z Challenge, as I looked for other wordpress participants. Seems the bulk of us are blogger patrons 🙂


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