A to Z Blog Challenge: J(aywalking away)


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Part Eight: Jaywalking Away

Elora in the light of day differed from the Elora in the dark of the night. She had expunged  quite of bit of heavy aura burden from herself when she deleted her email account. Setting up a new one with a new dot com gave her a sense of well being. Elora knew she was not facing up to things (Mom Speak), running away from her responsibilities (Dad Speak), being a total bitch (Sis Speak), and…well, she really didn’t care for anything Jay Speak said or thought. Elora Speak said: “go out and conquer this new land!”

In her sparkly new sandals, blue skirt swirling around her shins, a rose red form fitting tee, and a future so bright you have to wear shades eye wear, Elora trod on this new town of hers with a delicate balance between knowing where she was going and the awe of seeing new things for the first time. She smiled at everyone who passed by, saying “Hello” and “Hi” and “Nice Day” as it suited her. Most smiled back at her, a few adding a slight nod. Others scurried away, afraid she was selling something, had something wrong with her and she’d bite their nose off, or just distrustful (read: dislike) of strangers. Elora took it all in stride. Smiling stride.

Elora was also looking for one person in particular. She knew he was following her, in a sad puppy type of way. Asking at the coffee shop the other morning, she found out his name was Daniel. A local, and according to the barrister, loony but harmless. Deirdre (coffee nymph) said he had a crush on her, asked her out once after standing at the counter for well over twenty minutes, but never bothered her again once she said “Thanks, but no, sorry. Well,” she added, “he does come in for coffee, looks away, and leaves like a good puppy.”

“Don’t look behind you, but…”

Glancing in the mirror behind Deirdre, Elora saw Daniel pass by. Then again. Then turn around and pass by again, looking but not looking into the shop. Elora brushed back her shoulder length raven hair and smiled into her hand. “He’s cute. Harmless?”


When she went outside, he was no where to be seen.

That was a few days ago. The day she felt good to have someone have a crush on her. The night that she lay under the stars naked. The night someone, SOMEONE, ruined her privacy and “TOOK MY BRA!”

“Bad puppy. I’m pretty sure it was you.” Elora continued walking along, looking for Daniel as much as..

he was following her. At a very safe distance.

Captain Chickenshit rose to the occasion. He turned and went home.

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  1. Nice little detail, about how liberating it can be to change emails – or Twitter accounts – etc. and seemingly leave an old life and old self behind. It’s the little details that make the stories 🙂 No comment on CC, except that I think I might have dated him at one time……


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