A to Z Challenge: O(or else!)


To read the whole story thus far:

Part 13: Or Else!

Sitting on the floor and talking till dawn, Elora and Daniel connected. She had brought him inside, because he, in quite natural klutz fugue state that he often found himself in, had banged the back of his head on a rock on the lawn, that was outside the window to her place, and bled just enough for Elora to be concerned enough to bring Daniel in.

They had discussed a lot in those hours, laughed with each other, she laughing at him once or twice over his clumsy persona, holding hands when she teared up in retelling about the betrayals done to her, sat in comfortable silences…and Daniel banished Captain Chickenshit during one of those silences forevermore. Or, well..you know. CC doesn’t go away without a fight!

“I’m really in like with you,” he blurted out during one of those silences, his face turning a glowing pulsating heat red that reached up behind his ears.

Elora looked at him. REALLY looked at him, deeper then she had been doing all awhile. She thought about everything they had just shared: his awkward life, his non-acceptance by those around him, his thinking so way out of the box, spiraling  around that box in Ecsher like ways that she was astonished at how his mind clicked. She liked it. She had held back from blasting him on spying on her (just saying, “ya know, not a good thing to do.”), and from accusing him of taking her bra, as she first tended his head wound, and they tended each others inner wounds.

Daniel waited for her response. ANY RESPONSE. He gulped in desperation, running very quickly over the last couple of hours of discussions, the discoveries he made, the warmth he felt, the “stalking” her (“yes, I know..not a good thing to do.”), and all of her bits and pieces that she shared with him. The Captain was just about to resurface and make him flee when..

“Thank you. I like you, too. Just..be in the open with me, ok? I can’t take anymore crap behind my back. I….”

Just then, there was a loud banging on the door. Elora got up, looked through the peephole, and saw this guy. He was tall, balding, wearing glasses, and  had a chubbyish nonthreatening constant smile on his face.

“Yes?,” she said to the door.

“Hi, my name is Winston. I’m a friend of Daniels, and I was hoping you’d know where he is. We’ve been looking for him.”

She turned her head and gave Daniel a questioning look. Daniel sat there, cross-legged and hands splayed on the floor, tilted his head an shrugged a noncommittal shrug.  Elora unlocked the door and started to open it.

“He’s right in he….”

The door slammed open. Winston had put all his weight behind the push, sending Elora bouncing to the floor, just about into Daniels lap. “This is undignified,” he thought, as he pulled out his gun.

Elora and Daniel first started to yell “hey, who the hell do you think you are” (or words to that effect) until they saw the gun. They both quieted down very quickly. Elora scooched back, onto Daniel, and Daniel put his arms around her protectively.

Winston closed the door and locked it, never taking his eyes or the aimed gun off of them. His smile still constant, he walked over to her comfy looking upholstered swivel rocking chair and sat down, pulling up his pants legs one at a time.

Daniel squeaked out: “Hey, what are you doing? I don’t know you.”

Elora, staring straight ahead at the gun, which was aimed RIGHT at her chest, and said out of the side of her mouth: “Why the hell didn’t you say that BEFORE I started to open the door?” She felt him shrugging the same visual shrug he gave her before.

“Shhhh, both of you. NOW!” Winston, who seldom raised his voice, raised his voice. He was on the verge of frustration, and that was not acceptable right now. He looked at his watch.  This had already exceeded his time plan by nine minutes and fifty-one seconds. “The two of you will get up, hold each others hands, and leave with me. My car is outside. We have someplace to go.”

“Why the hell should we go with you anywhere?” Elora sneered.

“Yeah..why?” Daniel chimed in.

Winston sat for three point zero seconds before answering.

“You do as I say. Or Else!”


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