Revenant Revenge (A to Z Challenge)


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Part 16: Revenant  Revenge

“Who the hell is it? It’s 2:47 in the morning!” Jennifer Rose slammed out of bed, almost forgetting to put something on. The bozo in her bed slept through the racket. Snoring, no less!  “There it is again!” she yelled out loud inside her head. Two sets of three loud knocks, followed by four tinnier raps…and what sounded like a couple of swishes, against the apartment door.

“Hold on..hol…STOP THAT NOW! I”M COMING!'” she yelled out loud for real this time. She mauled the three locks on her door, leaving the fairly useless chain attached, and cracked open the door. She started to say….she started to…What the hell?

Standing outside her door was a slightly..well,  overweight, really tall redhead, who looked like she had just crawled out of a car wreck. Her hands were mangled, two curled in C’s, and her wrists were bent at a weird angle. That wasn’t the strangest thing, because there were two squirrels with her, one on each shoulder. One had it’s back to the door and was just in the process of wagging it (presumably the swishing noise) so she caught some tail in her face, which promptly began the process of sneezing. Very loudly, when it culminated. 

The squirrels jumped, doing somersaults and back-flips over and behind Mangled Hands head. Mangled one visually flinched, then said: “Hi..are you Ms. Hemple?” ZsaZsa knew it was her, but George insisted she be polite as polite can be, especially first thing. He promised her too much for her to shoot back the comment she was biting back, not liking being yelled at at all. 

“Yeah. What do you want at this hour? Who are you? Wha…” and then it hit her. She had seen this woman, well, her pic online when she was screwing around at Winnie’s desk. Figuratively. She had opened up his “secret” files. Thought he was so smart. It didn’t’ take her too long to get the password. He always went on and on about how he made the perfect soft boiled eggs. 277secondsboiled. What a password!

“Can I come in? We need to talk, about your boss, Mr. Wynne.”

Jennifer Rose opened the chain and let ZsaZsa in. The squirrels zipped past her before she could slam the door shut. “Don’t worry,” ZsaZsa said as they ran to her, “they are with me, kinda my bodyguards, or something.” ZsaZsa sat down.

“S’ok if I sit?” she asked. Jennifer Rose said nothing, just crossed her arms over her chest, stuck  out the left hip, supported it all by her right leg and foot, and nodded. She waited. She was good at that. A loud snore from the bedroom broke her glaring for a millisecond.

ZsaZsa then went on, in as much detail as she could muster, and told Jennifer Rose all she knew (which was not all that much) and all that George the Squirrel told her, which was in more detail and she got mostly right. A little flourish here and there, but the tale got told: the emails from Winston (she called him “Wynne, Mr. Wynne.”), the phone call that was just a bit off, the meeting, the almost dying…and that it was him..uh..he..umm..that is was that bastard..who drugged her and almost killed  her.  She told of the meeting with his royal squirrelness, and then she told Jennifer Rose the big secret, the whole big plan of Wynne’s.

Jennifer Rose listened carefully. In the middle of this girls ranting she really started to listen, then she sat down, then put put her chin on her hands and bored a hole of listening into the story, and she thought and plotted. Then, when she was done, Jennifer Rose smiled, a very Winston constant smile, but even more intense. ZsaZsa shivered a bit when she saw it.

“What’s your name? ZsaZsa?” she pronounced it like the Green Acres actress, which got a big frown out of ZsaZsa, with an AH. She promptly corrected Jennifer Rose.

“My apologies. ZsaZsa, I have to get dressed and get rid of some unsightly noise from my bedroom. and I…we’re going to pay Winston a little visit.”

Some loud chirping growls came from ZsaZsa’s lap. Their tails were poised for attack.

“ two too. This should be…interesting.”


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  1. I have always disliked squirrels and secretly thought they were in league with the devil. They sense this, of course, and follow me around at the park. They think I don’t see them, lurking behind the tree trunks…


    • Lisa, I was actually attacked by a squirrel outside of NYU in Washington Square Park one time. I was sitting reading on a bench, and the damned thing flung itself at me after sitting and watching me, then advanced. Then jumped. It was spooky.

      I called him George. That was why George died like he did. Revenge of the Stu.


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