T(ime isn’t holding us, Time isn’t after us): AtoZ Challenge


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Part 18: Time isn’t holding us, Time isn’t after us

Daniel woke up all tangled up. He had extra legs, hands, hair, legs…”oh..Elora…” She was unconscious, and bleeding. Her shirt’s back was soaked through in blood. He carefully untangled her from him, as much as he really didn’t want to, and laid her down as carefully as he could on her front. Looking around, he didn’t see the weird smiling guy and gun. “Good.” Daniel noticed that the limo was right side up, remembering turning over like a centrifuge at least once.

“Wait..centrifuge..around..no..Kumba..seven inversions..ok..I liked..” and he went on like that for awhile, tending to Elora’s back as best he could (he took off his tee shirt and blotted her back, leaving himself Daniel chested), and by the time she started to awaken, he had (1) gone from roller coasters to roller blades to he didn’t shave that day and what time was it, and did anyone really know, to Chicago-Boston-America-New York Dolls, to what a doll Elora is and (2) cleaned up most of the excess blood, with a few “oohs” “ooos” and “ewwssss” along the way. He found a few bottles of water in the limo, washed her back a bit, and dried it the best he could. 


Elora started to turn her head and move a bit to look at Daniel, but almost passed out from the pain. Not really from her back: Daniel’s ministrations were better then he thought. Elora grasped her right side, lower rib, and it hurt like she’d gotten kicked by a limo in the ribs, which is kind of what happened. “Help me up, please.”

Daniel did, and they squat walked/carried/dragged themselves to the back, where there once were two doors with a Winston filling between them. Now there was one, and they made their way out of the limo.

Winston was outside, with his gun. His smile was gone, and in it’s place was something very cold and dangerous looking. He had two women on the ground backs against the rear of the limo, their hands behind their backs. “The driver is dead. Get over there with them…NOW!” he demanded.

Winston was not happy. His suit was a mess, his neck hurt, and his time frame was all..it was…”Damn that man! Damn him,” he thought with venom. Shot. His time frame was shot. Even with his buffer, he…

…he let his usually held anger get the better of him. Ms. Hemple and, he couldn’t believe she was here and alive, ZsaZsa, their car…nothing was wrong with it. It looked all right, just the doors were open.  He had not passed out when the limo crashed. He had thought he heard a second set of squalling screaming brakes and voices (and animal yelps?), but no collision. He heard them call out if anyone was all right, if anyone was hurt, and when he had stepped out the doorless passenger side, he was almost as astonished as the two…women..were.

“Your car, Ms. Hemple. It is in working order, yes?” he asked her, with the constant smile returning to his face, but this one…this was held a different level of constant attitude. This one did not sit well for any of the four looking at him.

Jennifer Rose just nodded back, glaring at him and the gun. ZsaZsa whimpered, her mangled hand reallly hurting in that postion.

“Get up. All of you. We’re going for a ride. Daniel, if you resist, one of them dies. Guess which one? Ladies, if any of you resist, one of you will die. Are we clear?” Winston did not even check for any answer. His watch was still working “Of course,” he said outloud. “Get up now. We still have time.” At this, his constant smile turned into a brief undulation of disconnected facial muscles.

: “All this for a stupid clock? What the hell!” Elora said, as she clutched her side in pain.

“Clock?”Both Jennifer Rose and ZsaZsa chimed in together.

Winston chuckled. “Ladies, I will explain in your car. This is no ordinary clock. This clock, of ultimate precision, calls to me, sings to me, and it is devastation not to have it. Now, get in the car, or one of you…” he let it hang, and they moved to the car slowly and reluctantly, but they went.  

“Wait,” Jennifer Rose said, “you threatened us with death, but not him. Why?”

Winston stopped and glowered at her, but said nothing. Elora, as she was getting into the front with the other two women, gasped out:

“He says Daniel is ‘special.’ That only he could get through something called the Ratiocination Labyrinth.”

Winston demanded they drive off. They did.

He had not checked under the front seat. Furry things waited.


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  1. ooooooooh I hope it’s squirrels under the seat coming to save the day. Too lazy to google ratiocenation so i’ll wait for Winston to explain 🙂


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