U(nderstanding and ululations) AtoZ Challenge


To read the whole story thus far…

Part 19: Understanding and ululations

Inside the car, it was dead silence. Winston gave the main directions all at once, and it was pretty straightforward, very few right or lefts. He was not a GPS system, but he acted like one; only when, with uncanny precision, would he speak to Jennifer Rose..Ms. Hemple… to take the next turn. For the first forty-seven point thirty-four minutes.

Daniel, slumped in the farthest corner away from Winston,  had been dazed, more so than usual, as he was worried about the bleeding and pain-in-the-side that Elora had. She was between the other two women up front, and from time to time it looked like one of them or the other was propping her upright. His head throbbed a little, easing as time went by….”HAH!” he thought out wickedly loud, “Take THAT Windrip! Time is ticking away the moments that are making up this very much not dull day.”…first from the bump-bleed to the back of his head, then the roll roll roll of the limo..clang clang clang went his head.

“She’s in pain,” he said, nodding (“ow”) in Elora’s direction.

Winston, using soft focus peripheral vision, was aware of all that was around him in the car. “Daniel,” he said softly, “I am aware of that. And of your pain; it’s all over your face. Not good at hiding what you feel, eh? The knight gallant, the fool be-smitten.  You repulse me with your inexact ways, your fuzzy chaos driven thinking..but, that is also why you are needed right now. You’ve squandered the mental gifts you were given, but I am going to put that right, for the first time in your non-linear ramblings of an existence. Concentrate on the task that is ahead of you instead, stay focused for once in your life.”

Elora heard the sharp slicing mandoline edge in Winston’s grating voice. “Daniel, I’m ok.” She added: “How is your head?”

“I’m ok. You sure you’re all right?”

“Yes, I’m ok. ”


Elora couldn’t take the silence. “You told us only so much in the limo. Maybe Daniel would be a better slave for you if he knew more about what a Ratiocination Labyrinth is, and why this ‘The Clock of the Long Ago Now’ is so damned important. To you. Why is it SO damned important to you?”

Winston didn’t answer her for 12 seconds flat. He, too, was bored with the silence and the monotony of the drive. No keyboard to send him throughout a world he’d rather be in, one of connections that lead him into real time, with fast bytes of information for him to swallow. This was mundane, this waiting, and he disliked the mundane. His elitist upbringing led him here, and this “carousing” with the inferior was so beneath him. He only put up with Ms. Hemple,  in his presence, at his office, truth be told, for her looks. They were a distraction to anyone who came to him for his research skills. He knew all about her sexual proclivities (“animal,” he thought) and she suited him well in her administrative duties..when she was there. On time. Obviously, he could not put up with ZsaZsa at all.

On the 13th second, Winston began to answer…


[The squirrels had been “listening” all the while under the front passenger side of the bench seat. A little squished down, but roomy enough, they had burrowed underneath when the guy with the bad juju vibes came to the car.

*A little known fact: squirrels possess VIBE-DAR; they know when a human is “ok, they’re just feeding us” approachable or when it’s “ruh roh, high tail it outta here!”. End of that little known fact about squirrels.*

They had skittered to the front of the car where they got a bit tangled in a mess of feet. Their charge, as put on them by George of Nut-Haven, cousin of spirit, was waving at them with her frozen gnarled hands. ZsaZsa gently nudged them with a foot to get them back into hiding. They were not stupid. They went.

Bad JuJu Vibe had the thing that could hurt and kill you in his hand. It was steady and constant, and they were afraid, but they could not allow any harm come to ZsaZsa.

They waited,  sneaking peeks out. They bared their incisors.]

On the 13th second, Winston began to answer…

“The Clock of the Long Ago Now has been thought to have been a myth, legend only, going back at least 2,000 years. An exquisite piece of work with it’s roots in something that was found off the coast of a Greek island: the Antikythera Mechanism. There has been a lot of research and hypotheses abounded, most of them leading along false trails. The most obvious one was denounced and discarded too easily, which is the way many truths in our world are obfuscated, leading people away from what is real.

I’ve done the research, checked the data, rechecked it, and there are too many shadows overlaying the truth for the common man to find, let alone comprehend and believe in. Many of the “secret power cults” are there, in place, waiting for civilization to move along on the road they have built and continue to build. All for their own good, not humanity. I’ve seen the truth, and it’s led me to this fact: The Clock of The Long Ago Now is real, and the Antikythera Mechanism IS part of it.

This was way beyond what mankind could even dream about then. The Clock not only gives the most precise timing this world has ever seen, but the timing of Celestial events. The machine tracks complicated interactions between heavenly bodies, such as eclipses and novas and births of stars,  all through precise timing! Everything is pre..”

“precision. Everything is precision! What is it with you, anyway? Got locked in a closet too long as a kid and counted your time like a prisoner to be let go?” sneered Jennifer Rose Ms. Hemple.

Without knowing it, she came too close to the truth, and that delve into his past was not to be taken lightly. Winston’s grip on his gun changed, and he began to raise his arm.

The squirrels leaped up and around, sinking their teeth into his gun hand (one at a time), and then they ran up opposite arms, trying to get at his eyes.

Winston did not drop the gun on the floor, but he did move his arm up to deflect the..the.. attack from what he knew what, for it was but a blur of teeth and tails and fur. Without warning, the gun went off.

EVERYONE (well, Winston’s was more for the squirrels) screamed in the car. Jennifer Rose almost lost control, her heart beating like a good night of..well, beating really really fast, but she knew she wasn’t hit, so she got herself back together very fast, and saved all their lives.

All but one. ZsaZsa screamed louder then all of them put together. “No…no…” she said. One of the squirrels had jumped on her shoulder and then burrowed it’s way into the front of her blouse, hiding in her cleavage. “NOoOOoooooOOOOOOOOOOooooooo……”

The other squirrel was bleeding profusely, laying across Daniel’s lap.


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