Suggest A Title Contest!!!



if you’ve been reading along, my original working title for my Work In Progress was Dumb, Founded. Since then, I’ve grown unattached to it as the title for the whole story. I have two more posts (Y & Z), I’ll take Sunday, May 2nd, off to plan, and then finish the first draft next week with A, B & C (since I did not start this story until D, so… yeah, kinda sorta fishing around for the extra room that 3,000 more words will give me so it’s not a real rushed ending).

With all the support I’ve received, and some of the blow me away comments I’ve gotten, I really think I will work on this for hopeful publication. Sooo….I could use your help:

Suggest a title!

I will take suggestions for a title for the story up to Saturday, May 7th. Then I’ll post those title ideas as a poll and let the titles  land where they will.

IF it gets published, here’s what I promise:

  1. The person’s title who gets the most votes will get an autographed copy of the book/novella/novelette. (even if the final product uses the name or not: editors! smh)
  2. That person will also get into the thank you section.
  3. My Undying gratitude.

So..hopefully you’ve been enjoying the ongoing story, as a whole or in bits and pieces. IF you want to read the story for the first time, as I post it daily I then go back and add it to the Work in Progress page, so you can read it in one place.

PLEASE: if you have not read ANY of the ongoing story, do not make a suggestion. I’d appreciate some real help here.

Comments are always appreciated.

I’m also going to need some readers for critique. Let me know if you’d be interested. I’d do it in two parts: Second Draft, then Third draft.

This has been fun. Hope is has been for you as well.



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  1. Well that’s just spooky. Not 2 minutes ago I posted on my blog that I pulled “Yielding” because I hate the title, it needs reworked, and it has a new ending. All so that I can submit it.
    Hmmm, if I can’t even think of a title for my mine, probably won’t come up with anything for yours either. I’m not clever that way. But I’ll think it over.
    AND I’m slowly submerging in work at my day job, so I won’t offer a full reading, but if I have time I’ll go back and re-read sections and see if there’s any constructive critiques I can offer you.
    Sorry, that’s all I can offer for now. :))


    • No apologies..I value your opinion with whatever you can give me. This is shaping up to be Novella in length, so..not a big read, but still more than a short story.

      I was planning to pull my story next Friday even before you wrote your Twitter, yeah, spooky coincidence. I also, now, want to see if I can take this further. I don’t know ANY of the ins and outs of publishing, so..better safe then sorry.
      Thanks Lisa. And congrats again on your future pub!


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