Y(et, The Limbus Come): AtoZ Challenge


To read the whole story thus far…

Part 23: Yet, The Limbus Come

Elora broke free from Jenifer Rose and ZsaZsa. She ran over to Daniel as he slowly walked-SLOWLY WALKED-down into the tunnel. Unaware that the opening they came through was gone, not looking back, they both were overcome with a feeling that there was no where else to go. Nothing that they could do. They stopped at the same time, nearly touching but feeling like miles apart, the sense of being alone overwhelmed them, and they could not move another inch.

Nothing Shapes filled to bursting with Nothing Sounds engulfed them both. The tunnel whited out, the whiteness searing into Elora’s head. Everything about her felt dull, and she had to fight to keep Daniel in any sort of visual perspective. She heard him humming, and the humming turned into a tortured version of a song, and she lost all track of time as Daniel went from one song to another.

“…sunny day, chasing the clouds away… hmm hmm…can you tell me where to find…. mmmm mmm da da hmm.. don’t worry….be happ…..t’was a sunny day, lots of birdies in the trees….hmmm hmm hnmm da dada dah…..” he went on, looping around Sesame and Puff and Paul and Sweet Baby James and more and more…and the Nothing Shapes with their Nothing Sounds started to fade.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” she sang along, taking up the melody he was into at that moment,  “..won’t you be by neighbor..”

“Yeah, me too!” was answered along the lines of “I’ll be there!” and he went further along the musical path he was laying down. Tune after tune, wrong words, true words, nonsensical pairings and blendings and intersections of songs, it didn’t matter: Daniel sang from an innocent enough spirit (well, innocent aside from the gawking/stalking side of him that, remember, he did admit was wrong). The Limbus Come, the whitewash effect of theirs, began to fade out, fuzz out, dropped out, and the tunnel in it’s indiscriminate length fell back into place around Elora and Daniel. The Limbus Come were silent shapes now, and they dwindled and passed  back into the darkness that they had poofed out of.

Elora cleared her head by shaking it a few times. Daniel just stood there and smiled, turned around, saw the others, and waved. “You’re a sick, sick man, you know that?” she mentioned as they walked back to the others,  grinning broadly.

“Yeah, I know,” he replied, his smile sharing Elora’s, as he took her hand. She took his, too. (Yes, Captain Chickenshit was truly gone. Farewell, Captain).

“We couldn’t see you-either of you. All of a sudden: poof! No more you!” ZsaZsa said while she hugged Elora.

Elora explained what she could, what she felt and experienced. Jennifer Rose added: “Daniel, how did you know what to do?”

Daniel stood there for a few moments, not sure at first what to answer, but he felt the tension from Winston grow, sensing he, too, wanted to know. He looked to Elora.

“I’m not sure about you, but…whatever that was, it felt really empty. It had no purpose, nowhere to go or be. Stuck. I felt stuck. Horribly stuck in one place. There was really nothing here for it, and it..the Limbus Come?…felt so empty. The only thing that felt right was to sing. Songs are full of life, right? Songs can take you places, make you move. What is life without some sort of music? I know I can’t live without it, so….”

Elora completed: “So, you filled them with song. The heaviness we felt at first just got lighter and lighter until that thing..Winston, what was that thing?” she whipped on him, then one..two..three of glaring..turned back to Daniel. “I still don’t know how you knew what to do.”

Daniel lopsidedly grinned, and said: “It just felt the right thing to do.” Adding in his best Belafonte, and shrugging, “The Limbus Come, and they want to go home!”

Elora smacked him on the arm. “OUCH!” But, it didn’t hurt at all.

“Move, now. This is nauseating,” snarled Winston, “and we have a number of more pull it out of your ass moves to come. Let’s go. ”

All six of them continued on. Those on two feet, and one on four.

Bob chuckled: “heh hehe..Limbus come and they want to go home….” he sang.


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