#5MinuteFiction: Apology


Hi..I do owe Leah Petersen and everyone at #5MinuteFiction an apology for not commenting on where the story idea came from yesterday. Leah runs this once a week writing contest from her blog Write Me!

The contest runs every week, on Tuesdays.  At 1:30pm EST, she posts a word prompt that you then have FIVE MINUTES ONLY (hence the title of the contest) to take the prompt and GO GO GO. There is only a fifteen minute window to write and post, as no entry posted after 1:45 is eligible to be considered.

Yesterday’s prompt, by the way, was: Gravity.

I only found out about this the previous week and entered too late, but I was ready this time. It WAS big fun, and I do hope more people glom onto this. I’ve been enjoying the  writing contests I’ve been finding  and the A to Z blog challenge that got me hyped on this blog.

PLEASE show your support for Leah and other #5MinuteFiction writers!


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