By the light, of the purplely moon…


I entered another writing contest today and won it.
The rules were fairly simple on L.M. Stull’s Between The Lines blog. The prompts were given by the previous week’s winner: discover either a monster or an alien; it had to be in first person; you had to use  four words in the piece (Light, Closet, Purple, Moon); it had to be under 500 words; and I had until 12:00pm EST. I found out about it around 9:30, and submitted it at 10:00 AM EST. There were four entries, and each of us took it in very different directions.

BTW..I stole a bit from myself from yesterday’s post, in the character running through the forest. Kinda cheated myself of creating something different, but..this is where it took me. If I gave it more time, I’d have done something different. I just wanted to see if I could do Horror. You’ll have to tell me.

By the light, of the purplely moon…

My heart did not swoon. It felt close to bursting out of my chest as I careened out of the closet. One second I’m playing tonsil hockey with this gorgeous red head. The next, she bit off part of my tongue and lower lip.
Sally grinned at me, blood dripping out of her was a freaking gaping maw, not a mouth. Her eyes were blazing purple..PURPLE, damn it…and they reflected the light of the full moon that was streaming in through the bedroom window. Seven minutes in heaven!

Two minutes in hell. Her nails had dug into my back and the nape of my neck when we first started kissing, and it felt real good. Real good. She was close enough to feel my reaction. Then, the pain started, and I felt something dripping along my back. Then, the biting, the blood, the pain, that laughter.
Hurling myself out into the bedroom, and I had a quick look at what was on the floor. Dave was splayed out like the marionette puppet of my sister’s when I cut its strings (she was a brat and deserved it!). The lights were off, but the light from the moon, as it shined through the purple tinted windows, was strong enough. There were shadows on the floor seeping out from under him, as his “date” slowly gnawed away.

I ran down the stair, slipping on the bottom step. Rebounding on my hands and knees, I made it to the front door and threw it open. Sally fell upon me, drawing a sharp claw across my cheek, barely missing my eye. I kicked hard as I could, hearing a large crashing sound as I flew out of the door, off the porch, and into the long dusty driveway.

“Paul…Pauuuullllll…don’t you want to grope me some more?” I heard Sally wail. Damn it. She had a great body. She was IN A DAMNED CLOSET WITH ME. I stumbled over some gravel and left the road, not liking the dust trail I was kicking up.

Branch after branch hit me in the face, my arms and legs and chest, and one got me good in the crotch. The trees were not my friends, close enough to be pain in the asses but spread out enough to let the moon light spread out. I was getting winded, from the running, the terror only pumping me so much, and I felt weak. Had to be the loss of blood. Shock to the system. I began to giggle as I went on.

Then hit the stone wall. The wall went on as far as I could see, in both directions, and it was high. So freaking bloody high. No way could I climb over it. I turned, hoping to take off in a new direction.

Sally stood there, in front of the trees. In front of me. Her teeth were perfect as she stalked over to me.


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