Hit the night dirt, running… (#Saturday Shorts)


I hit the night dirt running, Baby, and I’m out for blood and raw meat. The acacia tree branches twined around in a killer way, letting us rest. The sun set, the heat rising off the savannah slowly fading away, and my pads nestle deep into the tall, cool grass. It hides us as it hides our meal…but I can smell it. Them. Things for me to bring down. Yum.

My mate, She, growl s with a hunger that I can match, if not out consume. She catches up to me at a pace I admire, her flanks muscled and powered for action. She’s hot as the sun, golden in her fire, and her panting breath next to mine only goads me on.  She may not be in heat right now, but that won’t matter. Later, for now it’s about  the kill, the warm sticky fluid filling our mouths and bellies, and the fresh fresh FRESH meat that sates one of my hungers.

She pulls up short, even behind me I notice it. We’re too matched for me not to notice. Then it hits me, the smell. Fetid, rotten, disgusting. We advance cautiously, stealth the word we should have been named when the naming happened. Lesser threats are in our way…were in our way, as they smell us coming and run for their miscreant lives. Run, Baby, run. We’ll meet up one day.

Scavengers.  Disgusting, vile cowards with their moronic laughter. I’d spit on them and claw their snouts off if they had an ounce of dignity in them.  The decaying creature was pecked apart already by those ugly bastards of the sky.  The spineless “hunters”..ha..hunters.. fed off of what was left. Disgusting.  It makes my stomach turn, as it does She.  Her sense of smell is stronger than mine, but she saunters over to the mess and marks it and the area. Good. She turns to me, then takes off back into the tall swaying grass.

I take off after She, Baby, She runs like nothing I had ever seen before.  She was grace and beauty in her ferocious stance, but running? Baby, running through the night, kicking up clumps of dirt, changing directions as she charged along…nothing, I mean NOTHING, can compare. She is all.

She’s on a stripped thing before it can react. The jump, She.. pure poetry, bliss in air. Down she came and SNAP her jaws worked. I was right behind her, and I took out a leg as she gnawed on the throat.  It kicked, it tried it’s best, I’ll give it that, but She had it good, and I relished the rest.

We were alone, feasting.  The flyers and laughers and other meat samplers let us be. We ate and drank and filled ourselves with life, Baby. Life. Dragging what was left of the carcass back to our lair for later, we left a trail of slime. Even the weaklings wouldn’t touch what was ours.

Now, time to sate another hunger, Baby.


This was written for LM Stull’s Between The Lines #SaturdayShorts writing contest. The winner of  the  week gets to create the prompts for the next contest. I won two weeks ago, thanks to everyone who voted. Once again, the above story is my entry into the contest. I’m asking you to go to the link above (Between the Lines) as of 12:00 noon EST  until about 8:00 pm EST on Saturday, May 21st. Read all the stories posted and then vote for which one you feel is best. Please..do not vote for mine just because you “know” me. Vote for the one you really like. If you read this before the noon deadline and want to join in, please do!! Thanks!!! Stu

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  1. Thank you Damyanti. With some of the other pieces, I want to go back and do a second draft often. I don’t so much with the Tango piece, and I really don’t with this one.I like how it reads.


  2. Thanks SJ. Don’t sweat the contest thing.

    This seemed to get a lot of email comments or twits from people who have been reading my work. I know this was more savage, pure in it’s feeling, no humor in it at all. I didn’t inject any dialogue. It was all a rolling soliloquy. I should find a writers group and get some help in tearing my work apart so I can get to the essence. I’m not big on the mechanics. I guess it’s time to start.


  3. I really enjoyed this. I’m loving what I read when I come here but this was something a little different and quite unexpected. All good though, just sorry I missed the competition – being on a different continent I misjudged the time. Next time though I’ll be there.


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