The World that Holds Love


               I went to visit my island once again. The skies were overcast and the wind was cool as the catamaran skimmed the waters. Arriving at the beach the dog was waiting for me, its black fur lush, and he jumped up to lick me. Following alongside, I made my way up the embankment of sand to the grassy pocket of land. The trees were full and created shade much needed on a warmer day.

            The storyteller was at the door of her hut, and she smiled when she saw me. Her skin had the golden hue of a tanned worshiper of the sun. Her eyes were dark and almond shaped, and her hair was jet black and fell straight, past her shoulders to the middle of her back. She was nude, her legs long and her breasts firm.

            She greeted me as she always does, with a kiss. The dog settled down outside the hut. She and I went inside and lay down on the woven mat on the floor. Looking in her eyes and caressing her face with my right hand, I asked her to tell me the story of how this Island came to be. This is what she told me.


To a large ball of rock, floating in the endless space, two beings of immensity fell. They had always drifted through the cosmos entwined. They met in perfect unison in every which way, blissfully content with every point of contact. Floating together, they were embraced, entangled, ensnared, enraptured, as they had always been.

Never before had the two ever felt or touched anything but each other. The solidness of the rock became a momentous catalyst.  They rolled around the rock, experiencing new sensations. They were flattening areas, causing crevices and cracks, large juts in their passion. Their shifting and moving shaped and transformed the rock upon which they were upon.

This went on and on, until finally they both reached the apex of what became their passion. They  shed vapor from their eyes, and the vapor whipped around and became water. As the water fell it surrounded the rock, creating the ocean of the world. In the bucking and thunder of the sound that emanated from deep inside of them, a patch of the rocky bottom rose around them, to cradle them as they floated on the water. As they opened their mouths, finally parting from each others lips, they sighed and the air that escaped filled this world that they had caused out of drifting rock.

One being knew himself to be He.  Rolling onto His back, He was looking at the one known to herself as She. She rolled to her side, looking towards He. The world was dark, and they both wanted to gaze upon each other better, for this was the first time that either had been apart. Reaching up to the brightest star of the heavens, they brought it closer to this new place. It lit the rock and they were able to glory in each other. Keeping themselves so for time unknown, their visage took on shades, forming colors they had never experienced before.

They  grew to a light golden hue, which pleased them both. But, the star was powerful and stayed bright and continued to alter their skin. As they got darker they grew upset, not wishing to become so dark they would not be able to see each other. Reaching up to the star and they shoved it down to the side, giving them a gentler light. Soon the orb of light  faded from sight, giving them their first Night, which was opposite their first Day. The star, and its light, returned as the sphere they were on rolled along.

Gazing at each other, He thought, for the first time, as did She, and in their thinking Love bloomed. From this, they created the first Man and Woman, in their images. The man came from She, and the woman came from He, for both loved the other so.

Smaller in scale were the Man and the Woman. They were easily affected by the light of the star and, seeing this, She and He created trees to give the Man and Woman shade. The rocky earth was too harsh for the Woman and Man, so She and He gave them tall grass and softer earth for comfort. From this new earth grew fruits and vegetables. In the water and upon the land stirred other new things, and woman and man were joined by creatures of the sea and the land.

Then Man and Woman discovered each other. In the eyes of He and She, they coupled for the first time, and it was everything.

She and He came together again, and in doing so left the island, the world, they created. He and She returned to the space that had been all they had known before. The island, and this world, they left to Woman and Man.

Finished, the storyteller closed her eyes, smiled, and we held each other, falling asleep. When I awoke, I made my farewell. We hugged, kissed, and I left the hut, the black dog following me down to the catamaran. I patted him, got in the craft and cast off the island beach.

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    • Hmmm..The Cult of Stu. I like the sound of that…

      The Cult of STU!!!!
      Genuflections and Degradations
      Penance By The Pound
      Set Your Love Before Me
      umm..ummm…oh, yeah…
      Don’t Forget: Burma Shave!

      (loses something in the translation from Stuenese)


  1. Yes, you are a romantic…love the spin on Creation. Beautifully written and heartfelt. I like this island…no chaos….just unconditional love…this is truly a peaceful place to go to when you just want to ” Be”….


  2. This is a beautiful piece, Stu. Richly textured, tightly woven, a gorgeous take on the creation myth. I enjoy all of your writing, but you are at your best, IMHO, in the legends and myths category. This is definitely worthy of submission and publication- I wish I knew somewhere to suggest!


    • Thank you Li. Yeah, that seems to be where my head goes. A LOT like the realism of Redhead. I struggle a little to make it “real.” This stuff? Just flows. For some reason I wish it would with SciFi also, my favorite reading genre, but… who knows?

      Again..thank you.


  3. This is the first time I am at your blog and I love the romance you have so beautifully woven. This resonates so much of mystic love and belief in love! Loved it!


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  5. Never read this one before, but glad you linked back to it. IT IS TRULY BRILLIANT!!! The best thing I’ve read that you have written – and I’ve liked a lot of your pieces, maybe loved a few others. This is truly beautiful, artistic, visually gorgeous – could go on and on. And I’m not usually this overwhelmed. Just ask my read and critique group.


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