Viking Funeral for the Cat



For sixteen years she hunted
For sixteen years she spied
Mouse and Hare and Bird
She pounced; they died!

Mewing 'oer the landscape,
Beneath the darkened night skies,
The felines of the land did lament
Mighty Kelly finally died!

From kitten age, to mighty youth
To grizzled veteran, she,
Her prey, they came to fear her
As she slinked and slithered,free

Her claws were a mighty weapon,
Her tail, it thrashed and smote,
With glistening pointed sharp teeth
Her yowels of victory did emote!

O, Tales of Mighty Kelly,
Will rebound upon the land
Her legend is as  hunter 
Her life was never bland.

Here's to mighty Kelly!
She will be for'ere  missed,
Especially by one fair lass
Whose Kelly's nose, she did kiss.

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  1. Just came across this while googling cat viking funeral – as I am planning one for my beloved wild girl – so perfect. I will recite it while I set the flame. Thank you for your art.


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  3. Ah, my heart is broken by the loss… who knows how many of them die in the streets….so here’s one last look at you furry friend (whom I’ve never known)… I pay my respect…

    Oh, the birds and the hare must’ve been rejoicing…


  4. What a grand tribute to your friend. I understand the
    loss of a furfriend well, but you have turned grieving into
    a wonderful memorial.
    my sympathy,
    Jill B


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