FridayFaves: Flash Fiction


One of the major benefits of joining the two blog challenges in April (A to Z Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge) was in finding some amazing people along the way. Through the summer of 2011, at least, I plan to honor writers and bloggers that I have come to admire and respect for (1) their abilities and (2) their being really nice human beings.

My first is Lisa V. who writes the blog Flash Fiction. Her fiction writing is impeccable, in my book, and it is always a pleasure to read her daily (or, just about daily).  She tries her hand at all styles of writing, takes on my blog challenges (and is, IMHO, one of the best at meeting the various demands), and is a presence on Twitter (follow her @ficflash).

What amazes me about Li’s writing is how in such scarcity of words she can convey so much, so eloquently. Check out her 100 word and 30 word challenges, and see if you don’t agree.

Li has been a constant thorn in my…um, lovely presence in commenting on my stories here on Tale Spinning, as well as truly giving me what I want as a writer: honest critiques. We have corresponded here, on Twit, and through emails, and I am proud to call her a new friend.

Please give her a read, and a follow. I highly recommend her.

BTW: if you are a writer of fiction, please leave your blog/twitter information on the comments. I am really trying to find those with the passion for writing that Lisa, I and others have. You can follow me on Twit @StuStoryteller. Thanks.


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  1. Better a constant thorn in your than a size 8 stiletto up your or sword of Damocles over your a lamp unto your
    Couldn’t resist a bit of experimental 🙂 (The last is a rather old/nostalgic reference.)
    Thanks for the shout out!


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