Whatever Kills You Makes You Dead


Actual Warning: The Following Story Is NOT For The Squeamish!

Kim screamed, really, really loud. Her matted hair clogged in her mouth as the meat of her feet went fluid. Alkaline hydrolysis. Sixty pounds of PSI, a lye solution blasted into the stainless steel vat, and Kim was like a mountain range under eons of erosion. Except, this was happening at a very fast pace.

Her wailing echoed in the chamber, along with the clank clanking of the chains, manacled around her wrists. Held aloft and stretched, the soles of her feet had already turned to brown syrup. The white bones, exposed, were lost in the decomposing liquid. Liquids, as the lye mixed with her liquesced flesh.

Ankles next, and the crying faded to unconsciousness. The chains continued to clank a dirge for Kim as the lye hydrolyzed her tissues. Up and up it went. Bye Bye, as Kim went as well.

“Dissolve our Marriage?” he thought, laughed, and left.


OK..this one was pretty gruesome. Even I have to admit it. I have been thinking along the lines of that kid that saw Winston’s true face way back in my WIP. I want to bring him back (as some had asked for at the time) and I have a particular story/novel idea on how to use him. This is one way. My writing this, now, actually came about from ANOTHER writing challenge.

Catrina Taylor of The Writing Network, created “The Killing Game.” The rules are:

Every writer needs to practice their craft. I’m going to schedule some unique methods for us to do just that. This one is inspired by a thread I was entertained by in one of my collaborative writing groups.

Here’s how it works: I’m going to write the death of someone. Likely the first person that comes to mind. You then take a moment in the comments and write the death of another person, perhaps an author or friend …. or even me.  The goal is to be descriptive and make the reader visualize what you are describing, in 150 words or less. (roughly one paragraph) In this case it would be the death of another person or a character.

So…this will not be everyone’s cup of tea. I had a few days of humorous postings, and then there is this. BTW…for those interested in influences, after I was done, it felt like, to me,  it could have been a missing section of “The Bone Collector.” Wasn’t intentional, but that was the connection I felt when I re-read it.  Not saying I’m in Deaver’s league, but…

OH…yeah…150 words on the nose!


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  1. Very descriptive, I could actually see it all happening…you are a great storyteller. It’s great to read different posts, keeps the readers on their toes.


  2. I felt I should put that on simply for those who are squeamish. For others, I hope it’s an enticement to read on. Thanks for the comment. I wasn’t thinking of anything at the time of writing. If it’s HoW, that’s cool too.


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