Love’s First Kiss


Anticipation. Waiting, doing the wooing dance on phone, texts, and internet, and the expectation, the idea, of this woman excited you like you haven’t been excited in a very long time.

She comes walking up the garden path, in a white summer dress that swirls in the breeze of movement. She smiles and quickens her step, rushes to you and immediately sweeps you into her arms for a hug you never want to end. You return that hug doubly hard . You feel a sigh run through her body, pressed so tightly together that you also feel hear heart beating so hard. A kiss on your cheek, so sudden. You both finally come up for air, and smile at each other.

The rest of the day? It’s almost a blur of just feelings and wants and desires and holding hands and talking, and leaning against each other as you tell her a fairy tale, set in a garden like the one you’ve been walking through.

Dinner happens, and the both of you can’t stop touching. Fingers, brushes on cheeks, chins, holding hands. The talking is always exciting, playful, meaningful. Dinner ends.
Goodbyes are said. Another hug, a renewal of what a magical day was just spent. You lean in for the kiss…how do you describe that kiss? It gave life meaning, it gladdened a deadened spirit. It held promises and hope. It was, in essence, everything. It buoyed you all the way home, and the dreams never stopped.

This is the second story I wrote for a challenge on The Writing Network.  The first challenge theme was The Killing Game, and my entry “Whatever Kills You Makes You Dead” is very different (and gruesome) than this challenge.  The only rule was to keep this under 250 words. I hope you like it.


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