Ahead of That…Boy


Detective Phillips just stared at the one eyed girls head that was laid upon the dead leaves of Autumn. Her partner was puking off to the side of the tree where the head had been found. Head. One eye. Wet hair. No body. “Bastard,” she said out loud. “Fucking bastard.”

“What?” said her partner, Detective Sam Dane. He was wiping off his mouth on his sleeve as he approached.

“Hamlet, when are you going to grow a pair?” she asked.

“I told you, I hate that nickname. Same with Great Dane. Drop it already. It lost it’s humor before it was even said.”

The forensics doc was finishing up, having poked, probed, photographed and instructed the search of the area while doing so.  “Hey, ‘Ophelia’, give the guy a break already.”

Det. Liz Phillips gave Dr. Fontaine the dirtiest look she could muster up. She had been subject to enough of them from her mother.

“Look, Fontaine, keep your nose in the dead and let me worry ’bout the rest. What can you tell me…”


“Besides being a dickwad and telling us she’s dead. We know it. We see it. Hamlet lost his dinner over it. What can you tell us about CAUSE of death?”

“Some people…ok.  Something really sharp created an almost even  V in the decapitation. Beheading. This was deliberate, not an accident.  This looks like it took time.  Almost no jagged edges, no hanging skin.”

Phillips made her notes and continued to survey the area. No blood pools. Murder did not happen here. No body, no litter, no footprints. Just a head, a girls head, with one eye missing. She shook her head. This was not going to be easy, and it definitely was not going to be an early night.


Ari stood off with the crowd that had formed. The lot had been empty for a long time. There had been talk of reclaiming it and turning it into a garden, possibly a playground. That would never happen now, thanks to him. Debbie didn’t deserve to die. None of them did, she was just easy. She liked him, he showed her the interest she wanted, and that was that.

She had lied to her folks, telling them she was going to the mall. He had her meet her at the old shack where the older kids went to screw. Taking her into the woods behind the shack, Ari subdued her when she thought he was going in for a kiss and a grope. He hit her with a rock and then got the saw he had left hours earlier. The body went over the edge of the ravine, near Shayna and Gabbi.

Beheading Debbie was a new experience for Ari. He couldn’t say he liked it, but he was glad he tried it. Strangulation, stabbing, now beheading. Three ticked off on his mental checklist.

He had many more to go. At fourteen, he felt he had all the time in the world ahead of him.


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  1. I got hooked – against my will – on this story in the earlier on as grisly/gory parts. But I seem to have missed something or it jumped from Ari’s first girl in the basement to here where he’s becoming a seasoned killer. You keep going, I’ll keep reading – against my will.


    • The girl in the basement is later: he’s fifteen there. This one is his third kill. It’ll all make sense when I put this together. Ari is the main antagonist in the novel I’m writing.


  2. Thanks Jennifer. It’s not going to get easier with him. But, the story I have in mind is not just about him. While the detectives will be part of this, they are not the other main character. She has yet to be introduced.


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