Inside That…Boy



Ahead of That…Boy

Warning: That…Boy, in it’s entirety, has periods of intense violence  and has shocking imagery. Please do not read if you are easily offended, as it is not the author’s intention, not is it to be controversial for no reason.

Red red and the motion doesn’t stop moving over and under the hunger grows and grows and growls and roars and spits… spit split splitter why? WHY? damn I’m good she liked it good she liked liked it liked it. what. stop. no no no no NO NO NONONO! can’t you see this is what i want now don’t you see see see hell oh yes hell hell cascading levels of and the weight has fingers holding it down. look, oh look ooooo legs and tits and ass and hair and nails and eyes and runing away….Talk talk and the flight is alive and all i do is drive and walk away gone. Gone finished and it’s right bright light in sight and it’s GONE RED again…and there’s beating beating beating breathing beating STOP all gone. HA!

Ha. ha. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

…and Ari wakes himself up, and the sweat is pouring down his face, his chest, his legs. Breaths come in short quick gasps at first, and his eyes bulge trying to look into the darkness of his room. He calms quickly, closes his eyes and controls his breathing, his heartbeat.

Ari is fifteen now, and he realizes he has a raging hard on. He gets out of bed and goes down the carpeted stairs. His footsteps are light to begin with, and when he reaches the hardwood floors at the bottom of the staircase it’s as if it was carpeted as well. The newly oiled door to the basement opens and shuts with the softest of sounds.

His father rarely ever comes down to the basement. It is so full of Ari’s mothers things, it’s painful for his father. Not Ari. He moves a few boxes, a trunk and unrolls wads of cloth and his mother’s clothing. He uncovers gagged Bree. She’s 16 and naked, except for the ropes and wires binding her. She soiled herself, and Ari cleans her off as she struggles, in her weakened state, to no avail. Once she is clean, he pulls down his pajama bottom.

When he’s finished, he wraps her with the cloth and piles on his mother’s clothing again. Bree was crying, the last he saw of her face.

“Goodnight Bree. Tomorrow, we’ll have a different kind of fun.” Ari goes up the stairs, glides over the wood floor, gets up the carpeted stairs to his room, and back into bed.

He sleeps though his dreams this time, and there’s a smile on his face.


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  1. Your first part is incredible. Your second part is grim, grisly, disturbing as intended. One question, if she soiled herself, then is he feeding or giving her anything to drink? Didn’t seem like it.


    • Hi Penelope: this was fairly immediate, in my mind. Ari, at this point, is not into keeping his victims for long, if any real length of time. So, she voided from whatever she had earlier in the day. No, he’s not taking “care” of her.


  2. Powerful art intros to an interesting storyline; very strong message- enjoyed much more with the three bs an individual read of the third story. Prequel perhaps as to the development of the socio-pathetic behaviors? Overall enjoyed. Richy


    • hey Ricardo. Glad you read all three. Yeah, out of context, the third part is pretty horrible and comes out of nowhere. I wasn’t thinking that way (that’s why I put the links in for all three sections). Glad you saw the larger picture.


  3. Your protagonist is a psychologically, criminally disturbed young rapist. At least the victim was sixteen. Had she been a younger child, we could have added pedophile to his list of attributes. I enjoy a roguish romp into taboo topics, and your story reminds me of underground fiction of old – a gnarly piece . . ..


  4. I could have done without the words in all capitals. I appreciate the repetition, but there are other ways to achieve changes in tone and voice. Otherwise, it’s got a poetic intensity to it without the meter, which works out nicely for me since I have no sense of scanning whatsoever!


    • hi John…I understand completely. I actually wrote that with eyes closed as a stream of consciousness, riffing off the the idea I was going with. Another experiment. Thank you for the comments.


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