In Bed With A Redhead (with A Surprise After)


The phone rang.

“mmph,” David answered, knocking over the book he had been reading. Squinting, he saw the face of the clock.

“It’s 3:30 in the freaking morning! Whoev…”

“Hi. It’s me,” Kate said. She was home, in bed, alone, torn tee shirt clad and staring up at the dark ceiling. “I can’t sleep.”

“So, you figured ‘Why not wake David up?'”

“Um…yeah. Look, I hope, you know…geez. I wasn’t trying to lead you on. I’m sorry.”

David was awake now, also torn tee clad and staring, just into the darkness. “I know, I’m sorry I said anything. I know what a day you had. It was…just too good an evening. Day. It was just too good of a day. Wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it was. Still is, in that time is always existing linear type of way.”

“Huh? OK…too late, too tired. Katie, I…”

“You do know I only let you call me Katie. My dad did. No one else. I never liked it. Guess that means something.”

“Katie, I..”

“But then, it doesn’t have to mean much of anything. It just naturally comes out of your mouth, and…

Katie! I get it. You’re nervous, you’ve been rejected, by..”


“Yes,” he said, “the Jerk! I’m not him. Never have been. Never wanted to be him. Look, we’ve flitted around each other for awhile as is. There is no rush. Never really has been one. I’m glad we had tonight, and I hope we have other tonights. It’ll go where it goes, and it’ll be what it will be. I like you. I’m pretty darn sure you like me.”

“I do.”

“Then, no stress. No apologies. We’re good.” Pause. Silence. “We are good…yes?”

“Yes, we are. I should have called you earlier. Sorr..”

“No apologies. You called when you had to. We just have to work on your timing, that’s all.”

“I know you can’t see this,’ Kate said, “but you are getting the finger right now.”

David said: “Well, you can’t see what I’M doing now..aha! So There!’

Kate: “Oh man, if you saw what I was doing now!”

David: “Oh no you didn’t! I see that move and make THIS ONE!”

Kate: “..and I counter with this tush-ay move…”

…and they both fell into a fit of the giggles, both laying in bed, in torn tee shirts, in the dark, staring, miles apart.

“David, I’m really happy right now, even with all the crap going on. I don’t want to not feel this. S’ok?”

“S’ok,” he answered. They talked a little bit more, laughed a bit, and drifted off a bit together.



Pause. “What are you wearing?”


They both smiled.

***********************             **********************************            ********************

So…my big news:

I Am Now OFFICIALLY A Published Short Story Author!

I knew this was coming for awhile, and when I first got the word…you can ask my friends how both humbled I was (yeah, I was and am) but also how much I was doing my Happy Dance!

This is exciting for me, and I am really thankful to Sarah and Catrina of Ethics Trading for choosing my story for their anthology.

Dawn Of Indie Romance

A selection of 8 short stories with a Romance theme.

But don’t be fooled, these have twists.

eBook only

To Purchase:

Smashwords (your ebook. your way)


Amazon UK

Why should you purchase this ebook? Well, the obvious reason: some great reading. Second, the fund for this are donated to a very worthy charity. For more information, check out BornStoryteller, my other blog.

The above short is basically where I wanted to go with these characters. I had a LOT of people tell me that they wanted me to continue the Redhead story, so…here’s my first attempt back into their world. I DO plan on doing more.

So…here we are. I’m a published author. Sounds good. Real good.

I also hope to make that statement more in the future.

Thank you to everyone who supports Tale Spinning.


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  1. Congrats Stu !!! How wonderful for you! I am going to order the book as soon as Steve downloads the free Kindle on to our computer. I can’t wait til you get one in hardcopy so I can get a signed first edition. I know books are becoming cliche nowadays, but I hope we never give them up completely.


  2. Congrats Stu. Knew you could do it. :-)) Just a matter of time till you’re a huge success and signing books all over the country. (Make sure you’re practicing your signature and your schmoozing.) It’ll be a week or so before I order my copy due to …err…certain online financial considerations. But I’ll get one.
    Awesome talent – as I’ve said before, I love your myths/legends and hope one day you’ll have enough to do an online collection.


  3. I love this Stuart!! Keep writing this story/book! I want to read the long version. Congratulations on the book. Yeah!! I’m doing the Happy Dance too!!


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