You’ve Aged Fifteen Minutes


Three hours slipped by…
You aged only fifteen minutes.
The smile that became you
Sat etched on your face.
There’s memory now
Where once was before me
That time is my essence
My present can’t erase.
Speaking of art
And of grand designs
Speaking non-linerally
Both of one kind;
Two stories sharing
More than a meal
That fifteen minutes of aging
Was the most real.
The thunder did startle
And the rain came pouring down
The softness that followed
Enveloped the crowd
So we went on with passions
Of the intellect and the heart
Fifteen minutes, it felt like
But the hours did fly
Engrossed and enthralling
Seeing eye to eye…
You said I looked young
I said you did as well
We smiled at the knowledge
That our beings did not betray
The truth of the passing
Of our many birthdays.
Fifteen minutes, you swore
It felt that way for me too
Fifteen minutes of aging
I spent them with you.
Three hours slipped by…
You aged only fifteen minutes.
The smile that became you
Sits etched in my heart.

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  1. What a lovely way to share a memory. Someone before me said it, “the way you weave words” is beautiful, and thought provoking. Just thinking about memories, and special people, has brought some very fond ones to mind. As always, thanks for sharing your gift and your heart in your writing.
    Ahhhhh, nostalgia….


  2. Well spoken. No matter what the physical changes or how much time has passed, when you love someone and look at them the mind provides its favorite image of them, like a subtle overlay. (That isn’t well put, but I’m sure you know what I mean. It’s early :-)) )


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