A Hundred-Hundreds of Wings

Red Helen dines on souls
Fine filigrees of nothings that make her whole
She sups not on dreams as Tora Baku does
Nor is she a Bara Oni, prickle twiner she,
Nor scheming Fox,
Nor hated Kitsune-Mochi…
Red Helen delves deep
and takes, making others her own.
Red Helen dines on souls
And turns the bodies raw
Her wings rip and shred
The earth covered in gore.
Her Hundred-Hundred wings
That she does breathe out
As she savors in the delicacies
Of the hateful and un-devout.
Red Helen dines on souls
The feast of it is without compare
The reaving is delicious
The terror is without compare
The shucking of the life forces
The smiles it leaves with her
The unyielding open wounds
Left in her wake
Yet for butterflies, in beauty,
No horror is more great.
Red Helen dines on souls
But some she waits for in glee
Wanting to exact revenges,
To bring them to their knees.
The thought of what’s to come
As things proceed upon their path
Will bring the soul she wishes to devour
To her soon, facing her exquisite wrath.
Red Helen dines on souls,
Chiyoko…wait and see.
Fox will do what Fox will do
And Red Helen will delve deep.

Part One: The Kitsune-Mochi and Tora Baku

Part Two: He Does Not Dream

Part Three: Kitsune-Mochi and The Bara Oni

Part Four: She Unfolds

Part Five: The Kitsune-Mochi and Red Helen

********************              ***************************                ******************************

This will be the last section of the Kitsune-Mochi and Fox storyline I will post on Tale Spinning…or, at least, for quite a while. Starting August 15th, I plan to sit and make this, the beginning, into a novel. This is already 3,500 words, and I have so much more I want to do with this. My main antagonist (NOT the only one) is now set up, I have my plans where I’d like to take this, and yes, I have my ending. I just need to get there.

As commercial as Redhead Riding? No; I know that, but I also feel I kinda have said all I wanted to say with Katie and David, at this point. I also want to tackle Birdsongs: The Virtuous War, and I am battling with myself on which way I will go. Maybe both in the same day (morning with one; afternoon with the other), but it’s too soon to tell where my creative juices take me. I also have plans for the brutal That…Boy stories, as well as a few others. So…we’ll see where I go.

Hope you’ve been enjoying this. Stick around for new things as they come to me. Comments are always appreciated!!


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  1. More incredible imagery! You have a way of writing the vivid, the dreadful, the colorful, and the horrible that draws me into your stories/verse.

    You certainly have a lot of plans of things to write. I wish you luck but perhaps, born of my own experience, you may find that you have to focus more on finishing one or two rather than work on several. In my case, I have too much going on, writing, editing, re-editing, ghostwriting, short stories, books, articles, posts plus work that I’m falling behind on almost everything, and I’m going to have to reassess what is more important..


  2. Hey, Stuie. Creative experimentation, yes. I admit, before anyone else does so before me, that I know nothing about “real” poetry. Yet I write it too. With that in mind, I will say that this poem is enchanting and darkly perverse, off meter and jarring, yet completely pictured. There are places where mouthfuls of words bounce around, then smoothed out by known rhyme conclusions. On purpose or not, I don’t know. And don’t know if it matters. The poem is effective up to a point, and this only because a poem such as this will have to come once the reader is well-entrenched into the story and it’s characters. I think when this poem is well-placed, it will shine completely like the rest of your writing and storytelling ability.


    • Hi Stuart: Yes, it’s meant to be read right after the story that precedes it. Actually, with this one, if someone did not read the previous chapters (this was #6), they’ll just scratch their heads and go “huh?” and dismiss it.

      I definitely play with poetic form as, like you wrote, I write it but know next to nothing about “real poetry.” As to the rhyme/”word bouncing” (love that term!!): I write it as it comes out, and at times it feels like an attack of words NEED to happen…and then the rhyme finds it’s way.

      One thing I plan to do this coming weekend is study up on the structure of Edda’s, Gilgamesh and Beowulf. I have an idea how I want to write about their showdown, and it depends on how I grasp that.

      Thanks..oh, and please…no stuie. My dad was the ONLY person to call me that, and he’s no longer with me. I never liked it out of anyone else.


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