Sonnet: Shut The F**K Up


What do you do when you just talk, talk, talk

All In the end you  have nothing to say!

You spout such nonsense; Just so you can squawk

Don’t you know your mouth just gets in the way?

There is no dialogue; You’re right-I’m wrong.

Your superiority complex reeks

You come off weak instead of being strong

It is not true discourse that you so seek!

But, imagine if your voice spoke so true

And your hearing was equal to the task

Disagreement is not how to argue

For new Points of View, you just have to ask.

Talking just to prove you’re right is so wrong

Done this way, we will never get along.

7 responses »

  1. Love it !! There’s been plenty of times I’ve wanted to look at someone and say… Really? Seriously? Just ….. well you get my picture…


    • Debbie: was an honest to god “Really?” moment with this parent. Not only did she call me unprofessional, wanted to tell me off: she did not send her kid in today, and I had to replace her with someone else last minute..and THAT kid did an amazing job. So..screw you, Ms. Miller, wherever you are, YOU unprofessional and asswipe of a parent.


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