HER Venom…HER Retribution.


Week 9 of the Hump Day Challenge. We were told to: Incorporate all five words below into a story of no more than 100 words. Any genre! The words were: City, Velvet, Species, Smiles and Erroneous.

The city lay under a sky thick of black velvet clouds. The retribution of SHE blotted out the sun, and the inhabitants of Ion were writhing in pain.

SHE smiles, dripping venom. “It was erroneous, as a species, for you to defy me,” echoed HER voice through the minds of HER once followers. Pulling HER fist tight, hearts burst in chests, and SHE reveled in the sound of the dying.

HE glared at HER from HIS throne of stars. “WE shall have to start again, you know.”

“Yes…what sweetness from the skies shall WE create this time?” SHE laughed.

******     *******    ******     *******      *******     ********




This was fun to do.


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  1. Fun for you to write and also, fun for me to read.

    You really like the dark side, don’t you, and you write it about it so vividly. Flawless use, as far as I can tell, of those five words. Sounds like a fascinating challenge and do you get qualified on how well you incorporate the words into your writing? What exactly is this challenge?


    • Hey Penelope: the funny thing is, when I perform I’m usually going for light and funny; when i write, I have a much darker humor/darker side to me. One person a long time ago said I am sardonic. I’ll take that.

      Click on the link and it will take you to the weekly challenge. It’s open to anyone, so…go have fun. The next one is next Wednesday.


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