Sonnet: What Is My Next Journey?


Looking forward never got me anywhere

Looking backwards felt like just the same old

Been left alone for the last time, I swear

I don’t want to remain here, truth be told.

There are many things left for me to do

Being stuck in one place just makes me ill

Only some obligations to see through

Then follow the open journey I will.

But, have the years crept on me with disdain?

What if what I seek no longer seeks me?

What is left with an inquisitive brain

When time is rushing along, fast to see?

I cannot, will not, allow any defeat

To stand in my way; to hold still my feet.


Once again, this picture prompt came from the folks at Bluebell Books for their Hump Day Challenge #8.ย  There is a lot to read on the site, and a huge array of writers and styles. Give it a shot; I think you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. I know you’re always looking for critique. There’s nothing to pick apart! What I like: you maintained the same voice and simplicity throughout. I find some sonnets try and integrate flowery prose, metaphors, AND unaffected emotion. It doesn’t work; it’s jarring. And so you did well in keeping this simple and heartfelt all of the way through. Not to mention that it doesn’t seem contrived – I find a lot of poetry appears blatantly shoe-horned into a particular form. So – you get a gold star ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. So where does you next journey take you? I loved how a pause in the middle could give you many ways to reflect on life in the form of a sonnet.

    I love the theme you picked especially when it’s so close to what you’re experiencing in life right now.



    • I’m not sure where things will go from here. I’m just existing at the moment, trying to not let things get to me, and get past some of the disappointments I’ve had (alongside the good things..many, many good things). It’ll all happen as it does.

      Thanks Melissa.


  3. Stu- Great work. The determination to moving forward, to finally putting into actions, what for too long have only been words, or dreams. I like the question, “What if what I seek, no longer seeks me?”. The details are not for sharing here, but I had to answer this question, and it split me in two with a dagger in my heart and chaos in my mind. I have healed,but now there are new questions and new directions to move in. I am determined to move, as your sonnet says, and not let my feet be held down.
    Thanks for putting this into words, it is the first page to go in my inspiration book. Sorry for all this wordiness here, forgive me fellows.


    • Jill…never apologize for letting loose with words. I KNOW we live in a world now of sound bytes and 140 characters..and i detest that. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and brevity be damned if you feel that way. Love you.


  4. Conflicting emotions are evident in this reflective sonnet … but beautiful structure with a natural rhythm … the ideas flow smoothly … and the rhyming couplet is emphatic and decisive – the voice of authority reigns at the end ! I love it !


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