Romper Room Reject


Oh, see me, see me

I’m sitting here at on the floor

My pajamas on and chocolate milk at hand

Oh, see me, see me,

In your magic wand, your magic mirror,

And see me, and name me, and make me be

Oh, Miss Joan

Oh, Miss Louise

See me, See me…please, see me.


Here’s a story that’s sad, but true..
I’m a Romper Room Reject…
How about you?

Romper Room was one of the shows I grew up with. I loved this as much, if not more at times, as Soupy Sales, Wonderama,  Claude Kirschner (I kind of remember a circus ringleader MC, and think it was him), Capt. Jack McCarthy, Chuck McCann, Diver Dan…that was my childhood. have your name called, your Mom had to send your name and birthday in. Mine pooped out on this. I waited every day. Stuart was not a popular name, so…

Thanks to Thom of To Gyre and Gambol to bring this back to me.

About Stu

I am 100% Creative. I follow my passions: Conceptualizer, Professional Storyteller; Published author, NYS Certified Drama Teacher, Teaching Artist of Theater Arts, and Creative Writing. Arts organizer with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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    • You are welcome. I was those memories too. Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse; Rocky & Bullwinkle; Crusader Rabbit; Tin Tin (Man, I JUMPED out of my seat when I realized I was finally seeing the trailer for the Tin Tin movie from Spielberg the other day!!); Captain Kangaroo; Mr. Wizard; Officer Joe Bolton; later Zachery and Chiller Theater and all those great cheesy horror movies and scifi movies. My ass was glued to the TV, not for the shows, but for the movies and oldies shorts and cartoons.


  1. love the new theme! I was considering this for the new blog and now I can’t remember why I didn’t go for this! 🙂

    I am sorry, never heard of Romper Room..will check into it 😦


  2. I remember Romper Room too, but not as much. I remember Mr. Green jeans, Beanie and Cecil, (much better than sponge bob), and of course UNDERDOG,underdog. I actually got to be on Bozo The Clown show where kids were
    seated in a speacial “audience box”. I was so excited I almost lost my lunch, but held on to it ( pheeeeeew).
    Thanks for the memories Stu and everyone.


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