My Worst Mistake


Before I write whatever I’m going to write, please head on over to Roy Durham’s Roy’s Garage Sell and Auction Well. Roy is a real nice gentleman, a true cowboy, and due to an upcoming surgery he asked for some guest posts to help him out. I was more than happy to oblige. Stop by for my very short story “Roses Are…” and wish the good man some good thoughts and wishes. Yeee Haa, Roy!


You were my worst mistake
And funny how that goes
You also gave me the best things I ever had
Since we first met, since we did part
There is an aching in my heart
For what we had, I’ll never know
What is true or memory born
I’d wish we’d had the chance
Make some good memories last.
I put you in a cage
You did the same, but locked my door
We flew against the bars and bled
Never letting the other quite free.
Some say we should not have met
Most say we should not have wed
With most of them, I do agree
You were the worst mistake I ever made.
I was the worst for you as well
There was nothing; it should have been farewell
When we first met, that darkest day
I find that all my life untold
What would it been if we had not met.
So stay away, forever more
Never knock on my front door
We do not have to face again
The cage is forever open at last
For both of us, our paths apart
Have so healed my heart
If I never see you again
I’ll always remember you
My worst mistake.



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  2. Really like this Stuart. I think all our experiences both good and bad add to our “education” and therefore even though difficult while living them are valuable lessons.


  3. You have some great lines, “I put you in a cage, You did the same but locked my door, We flew against the bars and bled.” Powerful emotions. I can relate to them as I am sure many others can, and that’s the most important thing with poetry – when readers connect.


  4. The popular quote sprang to mind immediately : If you love something , set it free ; if it comes back to you , it’s yours ; if it doesn’t , it never was .
    I think the caged-bird scenario links to your 2nd stanza .


    • Muriel: of course you may. Thank you very much. As to the Tattoo, I had that in my file, and when I heard the Billy Joel song, the lyrics came to me and the photo: the caged birds, the colors…maybe not the strongest photo to writing link, but that’s what I based some of the lyrics on.


  5. A sad, but so common tale. How something so beautiful can turn out so wrong. This time you really have touched my soul, but as i know we’re never alone in how we feel. The good news is, once you say goodbye, the next chapter for both of you can be so fulfilling, just on seperate paths.


  6. Hi, Stu. You know, I don’t think we always realize just how big a mistake really is while we’re living it. Sometimes we’re hell-bent on trying to make the other person what we want them to be, or sticking it out and hoping that, if we just TRY as hard as we can, we can fix it. But once it’s over and the worst of the pain is gone (it never does leave entirely), I think there really is a sense of freedom…and hopefully, a lot of wisdom to carry forth. So, you’ve hit the nail on the head for many of us….:-)


    • I think the worst thing is not accepting the other person for who/what they are about and trying to get them to change to your ideal of what you think they should be. It will kill a relationship every time, imo. Thanks Li.


  7. All life experiences affect us, even the mistakes. I believe they happen to help us learn and grow in new directions. But when you are living through those mistakes, it can be hard to see it at the time. Good poem Stu. I like that you have taken this negative and turned it into a positive (poetry).


  8. There are some good lines that caught me in there, “I find that all my life untold, what would it been if we had not met.”, and, ” For both of us, our paths apart Have so healed my heart”. I like the poem, but the subject is one I really don’t like. Couples who get together when they shouldn’t and stay together way too long even after they know for sure they are only hurting each other. A writer has to write about all the realities of life at least some of the time I suppose. Good writing Stu, just made me sad.


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