(free) Falling, In Love


The Imp De-arched at her hips, catching the air in a pocket, as she fell to the Earth. She flattened her torso, elongated her legs and arms, and accelerated up. Gaining altitude, The Imp went into Mantis position and flew in a more aero-dynamic position. Free falling wasn’t the problem right now: getting into position and keeping an attainable speed was.

She was a blur of black (her outfit of Kevlar-decked leather) and white (her hair and skin) against a really blue sky. Just as she began to curse him out, she heard Moonlight’s voice…singing.

Timeeeee, is on my side…yes it is…oh, time time time…is on my side..”

Moonlight flew up underneath her, matched her speed, said “Hi, Imp. Whatcha doin?” with a realllllly big smirk. He created his own air pocket, so sound didn’t trail away. Right now, she wanted to puncture that pocket, and him.

He took her in his arms and slowed down, taking the easy way down to the ground. He circled around like a Flash Gordon serial rocket ship; he just didn’t sputter sparks or make noise when he did so. Moonlight also knew Imp hated spirals.

“I will kill you,” she said, “ONCE you get me safely on the ground!”

“Nuh uh!”

Sighing,  she didn’t have to see his face to know how much he was enjoying this.  “Look, cretin, you don’t always have to save me. I know that’s on your itty-bitty mind. This was a fluke.”

“Uh-huh. Fluke. By my calculations, you’ve had eleven flukes in the last nine months. Wait. Twelve. This makes twelve. One more is a bakers dozen.”

The Imp smacked him in the arm, more for knowing the count  than anything else. They landed-a little harder then she thought he had to-and, upon standing upright,  looked him in the eyes, right index finger pounding on his chest. She wished she had Super Nails at that moment.

“YOU are a Class-A Jerk, with a capital ERK! All the times I’ve used my powers to futz up machinery and traps that would have caused even you a major hard pain in the bu…”

Phil (Moonlight) stopped her with a well timed kiss. Amy (The Imp)kissed him back, then pushed him away.

“That is SO not fair, mister. I have a right to be ticked off at you. YOU took your sweet time in…damn.”

“In…what? Hmmm? In what, did you say?”

She glared at him.

“OK, OK…I am sorry. Really. Look. Cross my heart!” Moonlight smiled, then looked up in the air from where they flew down. “Dr. Pirate…”

“What a STUPID name. Throwing me out of his airship…”

“Dr. Pirate is circling around. Looks like he want’s to prove something to us. Wanna go pay an airship call?”

The Imp fixed her outfit, smoothed down her hair, adjusted her goggles, held our her arms and said “Carry me!”

Up, up and…


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