Sonnet: Dance


Dance, she said, as if nothing else mattered

Undulating to an inner rythem

The soles of her feet bleeding and tattered

Never once off beat, no movement schism.

Twirling and drops, all new levels she found

Jeté off the floor, with a mighty leap

Cascading in the air; swirling around

Then crumble to the ground, sprawling heap.

But, if the knees gave way and the bones creak

If the supple muscles give to decay

If the energy wanes leaving her weak

What happens to her if dance goes away?

She must dance to the end, freely flowing

The movements leave her breathless and glowing




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  1. what is this telling about?? I know that this is about dance but.. I didn’t get it too much..can someone please explain it?? this sonnet is a masterpiece!! Great work sir!


  2. I simply adore this poem. I was wondering, Stuart, if there was a deeper meaning within this sonnet. Thanks for your beautiful writing.


    • Most of what I write, poetry wise, takes on deeper meanings through the referencing of the reader. I had a few things in mind when I wrote this. Thank you for the compliment. It is really appreciated.


  3. You put the essence of dance onto paper. As an artist challenges or asks the
    viewer to put his own meaning to his work,you have done just that for the dancer, or choreographer. Thanks for sharing this, I really enjoyed reading it several times over.


  4. Confession time : I always associate the word sonnet with medieval poetry … so it’s something of a “creative shock” to my system when I read modern sonnets … almost anachronism … like the sonnet belongs to another era … I know it’s silly … and I will get used to it .
    With that out of the way , this is poetry in motion – there’s an energy in your sonnet , almost as if this could be a dance-till-you-drop scenario ?


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