Under Bubble and Squeaks (Bluebell Books Short Story Slam #11)


Bluebell Books: Short Story Slam #11

Peggy barked, then jumped, leaping for the bubble that had been taunting her. An evil bubble, it had remained out of reach after The Girl had waved the wand in her hand, sending a cascade of air encased  globules of watery soap.  Now, the temptress bubble floated down, bursting as Peggy bit.

Look…another and another and another. The Girl laughed and squeak-giggled and spun around, sending out more and more floating spheres that caught the sun and mirrored back rainbows. Peggy chased them, catching what she could, always looking for more. One light speckled orb was way up high, caught in a stream of breeze that played with it. Peggy followed, ignoring the call from The Mother of The Girl.

The bubble hovered, after first doing a zig-zag dance over an open field of flowers and a Peggy. Panting, she looked up, halting in her race, as the floater descended. Peggy did not jump this time, as the bubble came down in an arc destined to be chomped, and chomp Peggy did. The taste was not totally unpleasant, but she had had her fill.

Turning, Peggy raced back to The Girl, and sat looking up at her, expectant for whatever next treat came her way.


I’ve done a number of the prompts that have been orchestrated by Bluebell Books: Short Story Slam. Check them out: there are a number of very interesting writers crafting their own take on the picture above. You’ll find poetry and prose; hope you enjoy it.


You only have until Monday, October 3rd, 2011, to sign up for The Rule of Three Writers Challenge. <–click for all info

This is a blogfest that I am co-hosting with three lovely ladies whose blogs are definitely worth searching out: Damyanti Biswas Daily (W)rite , Lisa Vooght Flash Fiction, and JC Martin, Fighter Writer.

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    • I still like bubbles. I’ve told people this, but I will write it out: when I do “go”, I want everyone to get a bottle of really good soapy bubble water and assorted bubble making equipment, and as I’m covered up everyone blows bubbles, chases them, and maybe tells a story or three of how silly I am. Maybe read some of my stories. That’d be so much cooler.


  1. Bubbles … even at my age I find myself getting lost while blowing bubbles.. not to mention bubble baths… Great short story … I like writing from prompts, it’s always interesting to read how everyone took the prompt and turned it into a story.

    Thanks for sharing


    • Dogs with bubbles are fun. My dog, Schatzie, used to love that too. I always had a jar (or three) of bubble stuff around. If it was too early (or too late) to chase a ball down the hallway (which he loved) the bubbles would sometimes come out. Thanks Kay.


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