Sonnet: Don’t Change Me


I am covered in words that have meaning

You make of them what you will, in the end

How you read me is YOU…not my leaning

Towards how I see my life; comprehend?

I express myself, under my control.

So it does not fit your ideal demands,

Why  force on me your values to extoll?

Expectations of me are out of hand.

But, if I don’t always bend to your ways

Being asked only to look through THEIR eyes

Ignored for what I am in return sways

A turning away, myself farewell flies…

I am my own words, my own music, me

Accept it as is and just let me be.


Guest Blog Post I Was Asked To Write:

I was asked by an online friend, the artist Elise Boysaw, to write something for one of her new paintings. Entitled Baptism, all I was given was that title and a photo of the painting. Her website is KESA Collections: Baptism

It’s a little out of the ordinary for me, as I don’t often write about any religion or religious experience. I hope you enjoy my story, and I do hope you drop by her site and leave a comment.

BTW...just in case anyone asks or questions: all work on Tale Spinning is my own. IF I cite some work or use a real quote, you will know it comes from another source, as I did with All Things Wept as an example. I do not take Guest Posts here on Tale Spinning, but I DO take them on my other blog, BornStoryteller.

If you are interested and have something to say about Storytelling, Arts-In-Education, Arts Integration, Writing, etc, just drop me a line at


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    • Thank you Hannie. I found it, like many others, through Facebook. There a number of people who have tons and tons of photo albums. Every now and then, something jumps out at me and I save it for something like this. I rarely ever know where the photo came from or who did it. Thanks for the heads up and naming it.


  1. Beautiful sonnet! And I really like the picture you used.

    About character maps of Discworld: Wikipedia has a lot of information–there’s all kinds of stuff in the main article on the series, from pages on individual characters to a list of all the books. There are a lot of interesting references linked at the bottom of the page, too, and the Portal below that mentions all the Discworld-related articles.


  2. Each of us must be our own interpreter, and we can only hope others listen and understand. If we have one or two in our lives that do, then we are blessed to have those we call friends.


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