‘O Sole Meow-o


What a beautiful thing is a sunny day!
Ma n’atu sole,
cchiù bello, oje ne’
‘O sole meow-o
sta ‘nfronte a te!
‘O sole, ‘o sole meow-o,
sta ‘nfronte a te!
sta ‘nfronte a te!
It’s my own sun that’s upon your face! The sun, my own sun,It’s upon your face!It’s upon your face!
O, how I wish you were here to hold me, my love…
My eternal goddess, the one who lays out my feast,
The one who takes the emptiness of lonely days
And smothers me with kisses
Transfixed, am I, with the golden rays of love
You so sweetly give to me, with stroking,
Chucking and a squeeze…you hold me up to your own inner light
And I am putty in your hands.You left me, left me, left me,
And all I can do is rend and tear, gnaw and gash;
I roam these empty rooms, these halls, and show you my wrath
A present from within left in an unsightly manner
Sleeping in the sunlight, the only warmth I have, the…
Wait..the click, the latch, the swinging in…O…
It is my love, O, it is she
My heart beats with a mighty…wait, I’ll ignore her for a moments time,
Then grind my way between her legs.
She scoops me up, tickles my belly, and I flail in delight.
I am whole again.


OK…before ANYONE tries to read something more into this, I will do what I loathe: explain myself.

I found the picture of the kitten, and just the expression (photo-shopped or not) and the posture was just too good to pass up. Again, before my mind takes me to The Abysmal Dollhouse, or the drama that will happen on Wednesday  October 5th with my first The Rule of Three posting…I just wanted to have some fun. Stu’s just wanna have fun.

I just submitted this to Poetry Picnic blogfest thingy, hosted at The Gooseberry Garden. Check them out: the theme was Love and Loss…and, well, Kitty exemplifies all that.


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  1. I think you could almost read its mind…

    ‘And I am putty in your hands.You left me, left me, left me,
    And all I can do is rend and tear, gnaw and gash;
    I roam these empty rooms, these halls, and show you my wrath’

    It is seems so true and it might be too…

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely verse and for joining in the Poetry Picnic … Look forward to your posts on “Friends, Relationships and every one around..” next week …

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya


  2. This was so cute. I’m a cat person–meaning I am owned by a cat. I will not show this to her–she will want to up the ante on the attention she demands!

    Just so you know, it is “wind”–not “grind” my way between her legs! 😉


      • Oh, that attempt by me of a joke did not go over well–sorry about that. Of course, you’re aware of what you’re writing. I apologize for that…


      • thanks. I’ve just had people on my case in certain areas, and my “thick skin” is worn thin. I THOUGHT it was meant lightly, due to the smiley face, but… yeah, sorry for my knee jerk reaction.


  3. I TOTALLY read something into this – passion, co-dependency, existential angst, abandonment issues and classic passive aggressive behavior. It’s perfectly obvious that you’re writing about an unhealthy relationship doomed to a tragic end. “Kitten” indeed. Bah! I spit upon your portrayal of women as “kittens”. Ptewww.

    ( Sigh. It hit my shoe.)

    :-))))))) You know, if you’re going to put a disclaimer like that I can’t resist running with it :-))))))))


  4. I loved the post…the words were perfect. My first smile of the day. 😀

    I have had cats, and watched contortions such as this. My cat would reach up a wall just like this, and if I dangled a bit of string in front of her, I’d get the stretch. The photographer either planned well, or had an accomplice to help.

    Isn’t it funny how a photo can make our minds whir with ideas? Thanks for the post. 😀


  5. You were right, and it seems everyone agrees, you made a perfect match. Now , if you really want to be silly,put it on youtube and get that kitty movin like an old black & white flicker film, and the words underneath. That’s jilly-silly


  6. Marvelous simply marvelous…great to smile at the end of a long day great words to go with that adorable little kitten pic (photo-shopped or not). Thanks, I cuddle mine with a little more thought tonight. LOL


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