I Will Do As You Say


Tell me what you want me to do
And I’ll do it
Tell me what I need to be
And I’ll be it
Tell me who I should become
And I will become it
Tell me what to love
And I will love it.

I have no powers of my own
Not thought or reason or opinion
Without you to manipulate me
I’m on my own.

Tell me what to kill
And I’ll kill it
Tell me what to hate
And I’ll hate it
Tell me to ridicule, spit on, defile,
And I’ll do it all, all, all…
I have no thoughts of my own
Let me live through your control

So…tell me what to think
And I’ll mimic it.

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    • Thanks Roy. I believe it’s the Nurture part, not the nature, that shapes us. If you took a child born to Jewish parents, and gave that child at birth to a Muslim or Catholic or whatever type of family, that child will only know those values. Might balk at mixing meat and dairy, but…;)


  1. ‘tell me what to think’…
    I want you to think for yourself. Be a leader, not a follower. I want you to live as you so desire, your own dreams, not someone else’s. I want you to be you, the unique you that God intended you to be.
    There Stuart! How’s that for poetry LOL. Loved your post. You did a wonderful job with this one šŸ™‚


  2. Beautifully rendered, Stuart! So many people are followers; blind leading the blind gets us nowhere fast.
    Sometimes, too many trust in human promises instead of God’s. What a huge mistake!

    Thanks for the wonderful poem!



  3. Love it! Something we all need to post on our wall/fridge/foreheads when dealing with children…or mimes of course. Have to watch out for those mimes. šŸ˜‰ Seriously though, very good words to follow.


  4. I agree with others who said scary and sinister.I apply it to those who get caught up in following “charismatic” leaders, be it politics, religion, or other teachings. I like the way you expressed it.


  5. Loved this one. It’s scary – something you write very well – but unfortunately, so true. “I’ll do what you want, subject my will to yours” is more often the case than we’d like to admit.


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