Doc Stovepipe’s Medicine Show: Doc Stovepipe (#REN3 Part Two)


10/5/2011: Doc Stovepipe’s Medicine Show: Mississippi Li (part one)  <——-READ FIRST before reading below

Prompts for this week of the Rule of Three Writers Challenge Blogfest:

  1. Someone is killed or almost killed. 
  2. One of the characters is revealed to be not who he or she is. 
  3. A relationship becomes complicated. 
  4. A character lies to another on an important matter.

Word Count: 593

A Woman Gets Tired of the Same Man All the Time“:                  Doc Stovepipe (part two)

Doc watched Lil and the farm boy go at it. The magics sparked off of Doc Stovepipe’s clenched fists. “Damn her!” he scowled deep inside. “Damn this Renaissance!” he said out loud, but, not too loud. He fought the urge to lash out. Now was not the time. “Soon. Very soon.

Life on the road was getting harder. Breathable air was getting worse; domes were going up; the major roadways were closing down. Traveling in a steam powered Medicine Show was not going to last much longer. There was a chance for him to retire well off. He had a plan, but Lil was supposed to “entice” the patsy, not screw him. “Did she know? She aint stupid. Hell, I should have killed her already.”

Doc made his way into Renaissance proper. He passed by The Barking Cat and Heriot’s Pass saloons. They were both too busy, too noisy. His show drew a large crown, and he had bilked enough suckers out of the entertainment and “Magical Elixir”, and now most of that crowd was in the bars, trying out his wares.

He closed his eyes and concentrated. “HERE!” came that soft tickling throughout his head. “Here.” Doc followed the mental invite and wound up at of The Last Stinkin’ Battalion. A rat hole of rat holes. A quiet hole, and just what the doctor ordered.

He laughed at his own stupid joke as he entered, drawing the attention of the bartender. She drew Doc’s attention, and took away his breath at the same time. Long, curly red hair, green eyes, and pale smooth skin.

“You going to gawk or you going to order?” she said, folding her arms across her chest.

“Beer, whatever you have that you’ll drink yourself.”

She poured him a dark brew with a heavy head. “Renascence Brown,” she answered to his raised eyebrow question.

Stop drooling and turn around; I’m sitting by the staircase,” came the mental tickling, much clearer this time. Doc did as told, grabbed his beer, turned, walked over, and sat down. He locked eyes with another redhead, but this one was not jaw dropping sexy. A scraggy bearded, scared and craggy mien faced him. “Doc,” Digger said out loud, tipping his head.

Doc asked, “How did you contact me ‘that’ way? The magics were forbidden out here. I thought ‘long sending’ was a lost practice.”

“Obviously, it’s not lost. Just few can hear it now. You can. That’s why I called out.”

Doc was meeting fewer and fewer of those with the knacks. “You sent me the info. We set up camp near the Gauche. I dowsed the deposits the idiots here missed in the mines.  Lil is getting the male sacrifice right now.”

Digger just stared at Doc. “As one of those idiots, I might take exception to that remark. I’ll let it pass, as I know reaching out to you was the right thing to do.” Digger closed his eyes, then opened them abruptly. “Drink up. They’re almost here.”

They weren’t  long in waiting. The door opened. Mississippi Lil held onto Gid, arms entwined. Gid was stealing glances at her, smiling. Lil saw Doc and dragged Gid over.

“Here’s the love of my life,” Doc said out loud, leaning over to kiss Lil on the cheek.

Liar,” thought back Digger, smiling.


Gid looked at both men, and did not like the way they felt. They both had power. Something was very wrong here.

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  1. I really like who this story unfolds. I’m curious to find out how this continues … but I also can’t wait for the next prompts, now that I’ve managed to shape the current ones into my second chapter.


  2. I liked the set up/hint for next week’s MC. It gives just a tease of what will be coming. I just love the Doc Stovepipe’s Medicine Show theme! Your characters are so well written…I feel like I’m right there. I have to say, though, I was a bit stunned when I read ‘sacrifice’! Whoa there Nelly…what’s going on?? Ha.


  3. Very colorful and vivid, as usual, with loads of bells and whistles and surprises thrown in. I think Gid is the one to watch out for….wait, is he the third character? Stuart, you’re an awesome storyteller!


  4. So, I was feeling bad for Gid, but after reading the comments, I’m thinking he might be the biggest surprise of all. I love the switch from the sexy red-haired bartender to the grizzled Dig. Nice contrast.


  5. I remember the domes were already there in the alternate piece of the first entry…So much for for feeling sorry for Gid…farm boys can be smarter than they look I guess….enjoyable.


    • Rekha: I used the domes as the very last visual in the first Trailer and have wanted to use them since then. Yes, the domes are a major part of the future, and I like to tie things together. It is, after all, one shared world. Renaissance….where everyone has a secret. Thanks.


  6. “The Barking Cat”?! Heh! =) I’m really enjoying the story, the characters, and the environment you have created. The alternate history/world and magical feel is great. I’m wondering if this “male sacrifice” is as dumb as they think he is? I can’t wait til next week’s part.


    • Hi Joshua: WP is acting up a bit today…don’t know why. Yes, the one line at the end of both posts are the set up for the next posting. If you looked at my week three prompts, I have it all kinda sorta spelled out. Thanks.


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