Rule of Three Prompts Week Three (#REN3)


This month is going by fast, and it’s time for the next set of prompts for The Rule of Three Blogfest (#REN3). If you’ve been under a rock, I have been co-hosting a creative writers blogfest. Set in the shared world of Renaissance, 65 writers have been pouring their creative talents into a serialized month long fiction blogfest. If you haven’t been reading the stories, you should. Some amazing work, in all different genres, and there have been some wonderful tales.

Week Three’s Prompts: (you can use one or more):

  1. The impending misfortune foreshadowed in the 1st prompt comes to pass, but one or more characters laugh at it. 
  2. Betrayal is in the air.  
  3. Relationships unravel or strengthen.
  4. A long-kept secret is revealed.

My co-hosts are: Damyanti Biswas Amlokiblogs , Lisa Vooght Flash Fiction, JC Martin, Fighter Writer. Please support them by visiting their blogs. You will be glad you did: three amazing writers.

To visit and read the amazing Renaissance Writers, click the following:

If you missed MY contributions to the blogfest:

Part One: Doc Stovepipe’s Medicine Show: Mississippi Lil

Part Two: Doc Stovepipe’s Medicine Show: Doc Stovepipe

Part Three: Doc Stovepipe’s Medicine Show: Gid (coming 10/19/2011)

Part Four: Doc Stovepipe’s Medicine Show: Sacrifices and Retribution (coming 10/26/2011)

Special: Renaissance: Missing Air (this is set in the future and has ties to the Doc Stovepipe story)


The following two stories have nothing to do with the Doc Stovepipe stories above, but are set in my Renaissance world:

Renaissance Teaser: Prissy’s Story

Renaissance Teaser: Jewel’s Story

6 responses »

  1. I’m not sure if or where this might have been already said … do we get prompts for the 4th chapter, too?
    I’m rather sure that the general rules are valid for that one, too (max. words, setting, etc.), right?

    Aside from that, I like the new prompts. I think they tie in well with my characters and my story.


  2. Hi Nicole: yes, there will be one more set of prompts, next Friday.

    Word count is the same.

    As to setting: you are culminating the story that has been serialized for the previous three weeks. This is your conclusion. It should just be the natural progression of what you’ve written before.


  3. I’m so glad that I decided to join the #Ren3 (found out about it on Twitter). Am learning so much and it’s great to have readers… looking forward to the last two weeks as things (plots) should get interesting!


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