Doc Stovepipe’s Medicine Show: Gid (#REN3 Part Three)


The Shared World of Renaissance:

Part One: Doc Stovepipe’s Medicine Show: Mississippi Lil

Part Two: Doc Stovepipe’s Medicine Show: Doc Stovepipe

The Prompts for Week Three:

  1. The impending misfortune foreshadowed in the 1st prompt comes to pass, but one or more characters laugh at it.
  2. Betrayal is in the air.
  3. Relationships unravel or strengthen.
  4. A long-kept secret is revealed.

Word Count: 594

Part Three: “…the only truth that sticks.”

Gid looked at both men, and did not like the way they felt.  Something was very wrong here. Lil held onto his arm in a bear hug way. He liked the way her body pressed into his, bringing back instant tactile memory of their recent coupling, but he did not like that she brought him to Doc Stovepipe. He especially did not like Digger, who all in Renaissance knew as trouble, and Gid had stayed out of his way.

Gid invoked a silent protection chant. He saw Lil look at him just then. “Huh?,” he thought. “She felt that. Lil’s more than she lets on.” Gid tried to put some space between him and Mississippi Lil, but she was not letting him. Physically she held onto his arm. Magically, she had bound him. Gid felt it, deep.

She whispered in his ear: “When you came, you came to me completely. Don’t doubt that for a second.” Out loud, she said to Doc and Digger: “He’s mine, so let’s get this over with.”

Digger laughed a dry dirty guffaw and got up. Doc glared at Gid, then rose and put on his Stovepipe hat. He picked up his mug of Renaissance Brown Ale and downed it in one swig, wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his coat. Gid noticed this, disgusted, hating the man even more, which  he thought would have been impossible.

Lil had told him of the sexual degradations Doc had imposed on her. Gid took great affront to all she told him. He knew she wasn’t chaste, and Gid wasn’t a choir boy himself, but he never once forced himself on anyone, never beat a woman, never treated one like a slave.

When he looked at her, first on that stage, and then later, he thought he felt what love at first sight must be like. Lil was nothing like the girls he knew in Renaissance. There weren’t that many his age, and he hadn’t felt much of anything about any one of them. Lil was different, and he had hoped…

Gid was compelled to follow along, side by side with Lil, behind Digger and Doc. He tried to yell out to Amy, the bartender, or any of the other few patrons he knew in The Last Stinkin’ Battalion, but his mouth would not work. “Shhh, lover…don’t get all worked up. Remember, Lil has a plan all of her own,” she said into his ear, as the group made their way through the darkened town streets.

The foursome make their way out of the town limits and wound up at the base of the Main Gauche mining hills. The opening to Heriot’s Pass had been boarded up; Doc and Digger were undoing that now, removing a few planks. Enough for all of them to squeeze into. Gid noticed Digger had a lantern which he had not noticed before; they must have had this here already, and planned out, he thought alongside the inner chants he hoped would give him some chance of escape. Gid was kicking himself for skipping out on too much of his trainings.

They came to an opening, where four tunnels branched off, and Gid noticed the chalk markings on the rocky ground. “Damnation, Doc’s a Schiavonaist,” he wailed inside, finally finding a fear he held off. Digger came and extracted Gid from Lil’s deathlike embrace, putting him dead center of the markings…but not before she had passed him something cold and hard into his hand.

Lil caught Gid’s eye and nodded, mouthing to him “Use it well!”

End of Part Three


CONTEST: What did Mississippi Lil give to Gid at the end of the story?

Hi Folks: I’m actually very serious here. You can thank Golden Eagle for this idea: she innocently stated, below in comments, that she was wondering what was the  ” something cold and hard” she gave Gid, to “use it well”.

So…what was it?

Be inventive, staying within the confines of what I’ve been setting up here,  or descriptive. in something “normal” in what you think she passed to him. Or be descriptive inventive.  😉

Post those thoughts in the comments you leave and I’ll either choose one OR have you all come back to vote on the choice (Poll time, I think), and the item that gets chosen will be it. It could change the story, and that would be fun for me to work around. Yes, I have NOT written Part Four yet. Haven’t even started word one on it.

What will you get? Mentions here, links to your webrsite, fame and glory, and I’ll do one of my Writers Interviews with you, that I post on BornStoryteller (my other blog). How is that? Best as I can do. Hope you’ll join in.



Part Four: Doc Stovepipe’s Medicine Show: Sacrifices and Retribution (coming 10/26/2011)

Last Prompts: Friday, October 21,  2011

Special Side Story: Renaissance: Missing Air (this is set in the future and has ties to the Doc Stovepipe story)


The following two stories have nothing to do with the Doc Stovepipe stories above, but are set in my Renaissance world:

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  2. I would say “pyrox” the magic boosting rock mined from the depths of the abandoned mines of the Gauches…but I’ve already used it in my story 😛

    So, in all seriousness, it seemed as though Lil was surprised when he used a chant, so the object must’ve been something a normal person could use, so handing the ashes of the sacred fat man would leave a simple farm boy confused…and dead.

    Doc and Digger would not expect Gid to move out of free will, so a pistol? One of those small ones you could easily conceal? Assuming Lil helps him, the element of surprise would go a long way.

    Choose any one of the items the people mentioned (except Rick G’s 😛 ), I don’t mind. All I want to know is WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT!?!?! In other words, great story!


  3. I’m really intrigued by the way you’ve taken an Old West travelling show and put it into a future time (I hope I interpreted the Domes correctly…)…and enjoying your development of the story and characters.

    As for this…
    ‘but not before she had passed him something cold and hard into his hand.
    Lil caught Gid’s eye and nodded, mouthing to him “Use it well!”’

    I wanted to say heart immediately…perhaps the source of Doc Stovepipes powers…but Jen got there before me, dagnamit ;0) so I had another think….

    How about…a small glass dagger made from the sands of the Schiavona Desert…it requires a special/secret magic to turn the sands molten to make the weapon…and it is the only thing that can kill a Schiavonian. Lil tells Gid to ‘Use it well!’ because the glass is brittle, and can be broken easily…Gid will have only one chance to use the glass dagger and he must stab Doc in the throat…which is the source of his magic; it’s how he hypnotises people into buy his ‘elixir’…

    I’ll stop there, cos I’m getting a bit carried away 0_o


    • Thank you for the small glass dagger!! Yes, it is future, as the domes are only years away from being completed. There is a larger story in mind, that I do plan to tell one day: why they went backwards while still retaining some of the modern. Steampunk Future… 🙂


  4. Something ‘hard’ and ‘cold’ and ‘use it well.’

    This has a James Bond 007 feel to it. My first thought was a pistol. But, not likely.

    I’d say: a compass with a hidden weapon inside it–a razor blade.


  5. Well in one of my stories it would probably go something like this…

    “What is this?” Gid turned back and asked.

    “Something special to me.” she called back. “It has given me great pleasure…now I wish for it to give you such pleasure.” she said with a salacious grin.

    Gid looked at it more closely. Suddenly he realized what it was. “Ewww!” he replied before tossing it back to her and wiping his hands on his pants.

    But I realize most people aren’t as messed in the head as I am. 🙂


  6. Hmm I will make it a stone as well. What Lil passed to Gid is powerless to most except those few who were trained by the Jaol. Gid was one of the few. Gid’s master gave him an ancient stone that he wears around his neck. Combine the two inert stones and they are transformed as Gid completes the triad. Gid now has power that has not been used for more than an age, but does he know how to use the power of the stones?

    Stuart it is intriguing thanks for the fun


  7. Hmm . . . okay, here I go. It’s a capsule containing the dust of old dragon scales and griffon feathers, which–when the seal within the capsule separating the two is broken in the presence of magic users–has the potential to become whatever the holder imagines, for a limited amount of time depending on their powers.

    That was fun. 😀


  8. What an awesome idea to increase reader participation! I suppose I’m not eligible for the prize, but will venture a guess nevertheless:it’ll have to be something that looks harmless, else Lil will get in trouble for giving it to him. A cameo brooch that she always wears, perhaps, one that is imbued with magic only gifted people like herself and Gid can use?


  9. I really enjoyed this scene with Gid and Lil and especially the revelation that Doc is a Schiavonaist. Hmm she passes him a ceramic ampulla that can draw in and contain Schiavonaist’s powers


  10. Ooo, I really loved this bit with Lil and Gid and especially the revelation that Doc is a Schiavonaist. Hmmm a ceramic ampulla that can draw in and contain Schiavonaist’s powers


  11. Oh, this blogfest has made me absolute addicted to challenges – even one like this.
    Unfortunately some of my first ideas have already been mentioned in one way or another … so I have to come up with something new …

    Lil obviously knows that Gid is a magic-user, too. She cares about him much more than about Doc Stovepipe, I dare say and nobody likes Digger *g* So it ought to be something that can be very useful to Gid and harmful to the plans of the others.
    All right, I say: since the Doc is a Schiavonaist (I love that word!), she gave him a talisman of the Triad. It is made from a stone from the river Espadon and was created by three great mages. It’s very rare and it can be used only by males, since the mages were male, too. So Lil kept it well hidden ever since she came into its posession. It would have been disastrous if the Doc could use it – but perhaps it’s in the right hands with Gid? The talisman’s power can be released in 1 big burst, or in 3 smaller portions – although the one who uses it has to be careful, or it all will be wasted.

    Hm, I hope that’s not too much of a description.


  12. I had something even darker in mind. I think that she passed on a small, bright knife to Gid. The kind of knife you use to kill, small, sharp and deadly. She wants her lover to kill the other two …As you can read, I am really into the story!!!


  13. Since there’s ‘magik’ in the air…I think Lil gave him a vial of ‘special elixer’ that she pilfered from Doc’s stash. This elixer will enable him to amplify his special ‘abilities’ – but – he has to choose wisely in how to use these amplified abilities as Doc has his own ‘talents’, and is quite cunning…

    That’s my little idea for your competition! Hope it helps you on the trail to the final post.


    • GE: should I have a “What did Mississippi Lil pass to Gid” contest? 🙂

      OK Folks: YOU tell me what it was: “but not before she had passed him something cold and hard into his hand.”

      I’m serious. I’ll choose one as a prompt piece that I HAVE to use. I’ll edit this into the piece.

      Thank you GE. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it.


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