Prompts and Circumstance: Final #REN3 Prompts


First…it is the Final  Countdown…

And Now…The Week Four Prompts

Remember: you must use at least one of these prompts.

  1. The misfortune is resolved/accepted.
  2. Relationships mend/ are torn asunder.
  3. The final event becomes another secret for generations to come.
  4. There is a new arrival in town.

Don’t forget: At the TOP of your post, please include the following:

  • Links to all three previous stories
  • The prompt(s) you are using for this last section
  • Word Count

What Comes Next:

  • In November, Damyanti, Lisa, JC and I will be going over the stories, choosing our favorites, sending them back and forth, and choosing our shortlist entries. We have a number of prizes, but they are limited. We have a LOT of great stories, and this is going to be tough. Really, really tough.
    • (Now is the time for Bribing the Judges!! 😉  )
  • The poll of the shortlisted entries will go up on the 2nd of November (Wednesday). On this date,  we request all participants to sign up on this new linky list  for a  Postmortem/analysis/reflective feedback post.
  • You will then be able to also vote on your favorite of the shortlisted stories. 
    • The voting will close on Wednesday,  9th of November.
    • Winners will be declared on Friday, November 11th.
  • We also have a few other surprises to announce…well, one really big one, which we’ve kept under wraps, and another that has been hinted at. So… stay tuned and look for an email or two before it’s announced  on our four blogs.
      • (Hope that has gotten our writers excited. I SO want to tell you, but I’d have to kill ME if I did that).

Contest News:

CONTEST: What did Mississippi Lil give to Gid at the end of  Chapter Three of my story (click here)?

Hi Folks: I’m actually very serious here. You can thank Golden Eagle for this idea: she innocently stated, in the comments section of This Weeks Posting, that she was wondering what was the  ” something cold and hard” Mississippi Lil gave Gid, to “use it well”.

So…what was it?

Be inventive, staying within the confines of what I’ve been setting up here,  be  descriptive. in something “normal” in what you think she passed to him. Or be descriptive inventive.  ;)  Just be specific. I don’t need a storyline, just that “thing.”

Post those thoughts in the comments section by 5:00 pm (EST), Sunday October 23rd.

On Sunday night, I will post a poll for  you to vote on. The poll will only be open for  24 hours (from when I post the poll-time tbd): it will close on Monday evening October 24th.  The item that gets the most votes will be it. It could change the story, and that would be fun for me to work around. Yes, I have NOT written Part Four yet. Haven’t even started word one on it. I’ll start the story after the poll closes.

What will you get? Mentions here, links to your website, fame and glory, and I’ll do one of my Writers Interviews with you, that I post on BornStoryteller (my other blog). How is that? Best as I can do. Hope you’ll join in.



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  1. I like the new prompts. They suit well the one or other version of finale I wanted to tell … although I’m not yet sure how 🙂

    I’m sorry, were we always supposed to state the word-count, too? If so, I haven’t noticed this request before.
    Of course, I saw that some other Renaissancers did this, but I guessed you had your own counter anyway, like the one of NaNoWriMo is the official counter for their challenge, you know?
    I’ll mind it now, promise.

    And I have a question about writing itself, but of course it has influence on my Renaissance-story, too. So if you rather don’t answer it now, because it would influence your judgment, then just say so please.
    My story “The Messenger” has been told in 1st person POV so far, with another main-character as that person each chapter. Somehow this fitted the characters and how I wanted to reveal what during my narration. Besides, this seemed to me the best way to play by your rules 🙂
    As far as I know, there are no rules about who is the star of the last chapter, right? So I was wondering if I should switch to 3rd person now – but I’m not sure if this would be confusing or even annoying for the readers or simply bad style. Alternatively I just wondered if I should continue with 1st person after all, but this time from the POV of another/a 4th character, one that is not meant to be a main-character (since that would be against to rules, right?), but who is just someone watches it all, if you know what I mean. But I could imagine too many voices and especially one that you might hear only 1 time (pretending this would be a novel and not a 4-chapter story) can be just as annoying as changing the style itself.
    So … could you offer me any advice here?


    • Hi Nicole: think of the whole work as a serial, a very short one, yes, but a serial. You’ve had three chapters to build; the fourth, you culminate in the way that makes the most sense to you. You are now broadening the scope to bring all three pieces together to make it fit.

      Think of it as a movie (as I have): Kurosawa’s “Rashomon” was my model in all this: three different POV, their story told one at a time, and then you have the big reveal of all you wanted to say.

      As to 1st person/3rd person: write out part of it, looking back even in your last part. Read it out loud. Was it a clunky transition, or does it sound like a natural progression? Personally, if you feel that one of your characters was “the star” and want it from that perspective, do it. I would not add a fourth new main character, as that is not where we were heading. I cheated a little with Digger, keeping him off to the side, but…well, that’s part of the secret we are going to unfold next week.

      I hope that helps. Hope it does not baffle more. IF I was less than helpful, which I can be at times, please ask me to clarify further. I’m glad you care so much. And no…no points off for asking a question. better to ask for knowledge then stumble through blind.

      Oh.yeah..word count was asked for from MY first email on, back on Oct 8th. Not a biggie. A lot of people I think ignored my email, not realizing that there were four hosts doing this (although we stated it pretty clearly). It happens. No big deal.


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