Something Cold and Hard: Poll and Contest (#REN3)


Rule of Three Blogfest Side Contest

After the last part of my #REN3 story, a question arose: What did Mississippi Lil give to Gid? All I had said was it was “something cold and hard.”

Thus a Contest and Poll was born. The #REN3 writers were tasked to offer up one specific idea as to what that something is. I gave everyone of our writers four days to add an idea. The closing time to add anything was Sunday,ย  October 23 at 5pm EST.

Then, from those offerings, I would create a Poll, for any and all to vote on. The item with the most votes is the item that I will use in my story. The winning submitter get many mentions on the final story and I will do a Writers Interview with them, to be posted on BornStoryteller (my other blog)


  1. Please vote only one time for one item
  2. Poll opens at 9:30 pm EST on Sunday October 23, 2011 and closes at 9:30 pm Monday October 24, 2011 (24 hours sharp)
  3. Please do not write in an “other” idea. The call for submissions ranย  close to four days. I will only accept votes on the item on the created poll.
  4. I will post the winning item on Monday around 10pm/11pm EST and I’ll then write the item into my story.

13 responses »

  1. Yeah, the poll is up. I just voted (not for my suggestion, obviously).
    By the way, that link in the first sentence, the one that is supposed to bring you to your 3rd #REN3 part to read the full descriptions, didn’t seem to work when I tried to use it … like it’s an invalid link.


  2. Damn; I was so busy reading the last set of excerpts I forgot to come back and offer a suggestion. I’m so lame sometimes; sorry Stuart. However, the thing I would have suggested is up there, so it got my vote ๐Ÿ™‚

    I did comment on your excerpt, right? I had to read too many 2nd and 3rd excerpts both to catch up to remember all of them. *sighs* See, that is why I do not host blogfests; I just participate.



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