The Rule of Three Voting Now Commences!!


For the month of October 60+ writers joined in The Rule of Three Blogfest. After tabulating all the points and making sure each of the writers met rules and regulations, we, the co-hosts can now announce our short list to be voted on:

If you click on each of the links you will find the complete story that these valiant writers wrote.
To vote for their stories after you’ve read them please visit our Welcome to Renaissance blog page.
The voting will go on for 72 hours and will and on Wednesday, November 9 at midnight GMT.
The final winners in order will appear on the same blog site  on Friday, November 11, 2011.
We congratulate all of the finalists and wish them  the best of luck. This was an extremely hard decision to make. There were many fine entries, and we deliberated with great thought. Everyone who made it through the whole period should feel proud of taking on the challenge and doing as well as they did.
NOW…Let the voting begin!

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  1. There seems to be a little mistake in the link to the REN-homepage … when I click on it, the page can’t be found because the : (colon) is missing in the URL, although it seems to be there when I copy the link.

    Anyway, I loved reading all those short-listed stories again or for the first time!


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