The Misfortune of Sea Monsters (part three)


Part One: The Misfortune of Sea Monsters

Part Two: The Hafgufa and The Harpoon

NOTE: if you have not read parts one and two (links above), the following will make little to no sense. I am trying my hand at a serialized story, and you really do need to read it, part by part. Thank you.

… And now ladies and gentlemen, for your reading edification, the further exploits of Young Ned and his harpoon.

Chapter 3: Thus Sundering, and The Call

The Return groaned as the coils of the Hafgufa tightened around the span of the ship. As it tilted and cracked, Young Ned held onto the rail with one arm while he jabbed with his razor sharp weapon. The many tentacled creature screamed its rage with each piercing. The thrashing beast of the deep blue continued its crushing actions.

Many of the crew members put up a valiant fight but were soon tossed into the sea…many losing their battle immediately. The stronger swam away; too many were swept under by the beating of one tentacle or another. Capt. Magnus had strapped himself to the wheel of his ship, brandishing his cutlas with  accurate and deadly aim. The realization that all was lost for The Return came upon him almost too late.

“Save yourself Young Ned!,” yelled the captain.” The Return is lost.” and, cutting the straps that held him to his beloved vessel, the captain dove into the waiting seas.

Young Ned would not go so easily. As The Return  tilted and broke apart, Young Ned continued his battle against his most hated foe. Even dangling from the rail he would not give up. It was not until the ship’s began to break into kindling that Young Ned was forced to cede this horrible skirmish and find shelter in the cold waiting waters.

Swimming as if his life depended on it, which it did, Young Ned strove to haul himself as far away from the ship as he could. The Return began its descent to the bottom of the sea, being escorted by the Hafgufa. It squelched and ripped and tore apart the once mighty ship, and there was nothing that could save it. Many of the seamen went down with the ship, caught in the whirlpool of the returns drowning, and their own lack of strength. Young Ned, the last in the water, made excellent headway and was saved from going down with the ship.

Yet, there was no land in sight. He had out swam the flotsam and jetsam of the dying ship. As strong and determined as he was, Young Ned could not but grew tired. For a while he alternated between floating and his failed attempts at swimming for a non-existent shore. It took a lot to discourage him, what with all that he and his family have been through. This, though, seemed to Young Ned to be his last hurrah. The last of his strength ebbing away, Young Ned laid his arms at his side, still holding onto the tool which he still hoped, as he drifted away, would slay the Hafgufa.


Young Ned was prodded awake with something sharp in the side of his head. Rousing himself, he got up on one elbow and found himself to be on dry ground; a copse overlooking the sea. Looking around he was startled at first by the empty landscape in front of him. Poked again from behind, he was equally startled (if not more so) than what was now before him.

” You do know, I would think twice before eating you.” She smiled, and the smile sent shivers through Young Ned… But not in a good way.

to be continued…..










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  1. So, I finally got to this. A new genre, ehh – a rip-roaring good nautical tale. Apparently the narwhal will play a recurring role? And mermaids, perhaps? Lots of ways to go with this, I think you’ve struck on a good idea for a serial. (Nice to see you’re thinking way ahead to the A to Z challenge!)


  2. Definitely a nice twist! That being said, I have just read this chapter as the first of your (fictional) chronicles (after a few beers), however being from a literature (amongst other things)-centred family believe that your work has the qualities that it takes to get published with positive reviews.

    A couple of hyphenations to be made (without sounding like a grammar Nazi; ‘many-tentacled’, ‘most-hasted’, etc. but you gotta go easy on me ‘cos I’m slightly inebriated, lol… anyway, nothing that a generalist editor can’t tweak without altering your awesome creative vision and very immersive writing. Definitely an ORIGINAL throwback to stuff such as that written by Robert Louis Stevenson! I hope you make it big, or just have fun writing your stuff – whichever you choose, the world, as it is, with all of its dichotomies, false religions and deluded individuals along with their individual ideas (among other crap) needs down-to-earth stuff such as this. I don’t know whether you’re into videogames at all as I had just discovered your blog as of a few hours(?) ago, but your work lends itself really well to the the 90’s PC game ‘Populous’ (very atmospheric and you can find the soundtrack on YouTube in its entirety with ease) and The Secret of Monkey Island (for, I guess, the more whimsical scenes, which are yet to come in your tale (I hope! :D)).

    Well, I’ll be going now, but hope that you keep updating the story so that I and others may follow it! b(0-0)b

    Please excuse the alcohol-induced mistakes (yeah, that must be what it is, lol…) and keep up the good work!!

    – Shaboten


    • Sorry it took so long for me to reply. Thank you so much for your comments. I was having a lot of fun with the three installments, but got so little feedback and those dreaded stats were so low for those three that I just never picked up the thread again. This has made me go back and read them again. Methinks it’s time to approach this again.

      Thank you, again, for your besotted words. 🙂


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