The Holiday People


They come out of nowhere

The Holiday People

In their big bulky sweaters

And Big Bulky Coats

Carrying Big Bulky Packages

And Big Bulky Totes.

They shove on by, they squeeze where no squeezing can be

They find their ways into places you’d rather not see

The Holiday People connect in an off putting sway

The Holiday People just get in your way

They take up seats that are normally free

They clog up the doors and aisle ways on shopping sprees

Nothing’s much needed, Nothing’s much given

They buy, they glutton, and few are shriven

But one month a year, they think all is forgiven

The Holiday People are coming your way

Then, like a winter storm, that creeps up fast

The Holiday People are gone with a blast

The Holiday People came out of nowhere




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  1. I can SO relate to this (minus the bulky sweaters/coats).
    Hordes of out-of-towners always descend upon my coastal city at this time of year, to enjoy the sunshine and beach.


  2. Thanks Stu to comparing a dark mood to dark chocolate. Hubby and I did 99% of our shopping today. Not like me at all. I am a year round gazer, looking out through the year and finding things thats just pop that are perfect for someone on my list. Then I just squirrel then away. This is my way of avoiding the holiday people, at least the “dark” ones.


  3. Well said, Stu, and the biggest reason I avoid Wal-Mart between Thanksgiving and New Years. Where I am Wal-Mart and Lowes are the only big stores, everything else are mom & pop shops. They’re not so bad because they’re less attractive to Holiday People.


  4. You capture the holiday shoppers perfectly…and that is why I procrastinate til the last minute, and do it all in one or two days…trying to pick times that aren’t as crowded. I hate shopping anyway, and rarely do it. If it wasn’t because I love to give things, I would go away and celebrate alone with Santa. 😀


  5. Your poem reminds me of my feelings towards the snowbirds who travel to Florida each winter in their oversized cars and SUVs, clogging up the roads and taking the best parking spots.
    Of course you make things sound annoyingly magical whereas I simply feel annoyed. LOL!! Great post!


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