Crafting His Heart (100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups)


With what was at hand, Shay pieced together his heart.

“I brought her into this world.  I helped her depart. She’s a part of me…can’t just write her off, a few words said. Let me be,” he’d say to all who worried about him.

Shay foraged all day, into woods and surrounding fields. He’d be back late and stay up until dawn, working and crafting his need. He discarded more things then he used.

A week: his hollow eyes and shaky hands focused on this one thing. The monument and he were done. Shay laid down at her feet, weeping.


Author’s Notes:

(1) As before, I find some of my inspiration from prompt challenges.

This is my second time doing the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups (Week #33) over at Julia’s Place. There is a Linky List on her page, to check out all the other writer who’ve taken this challenge. So, yes, 100 words on the nose.

As to the photo prompt that was used for the above story

(2)  Guest Blog Post

I wrote a short piece for Lisa Vooght of Flash Fiction. She was under the weather and I was more than happy to help her out. Click here for my story A Superior Being.

I strongly suggest that you also should be following Lisa’s writing. She is one of the people I came to admire during the AtoZ Blogfest last April. I know she has already signed up for this year’s A to Z, as have I. Hope you enjoy the stories, here and on her site.

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  1. Aww! That’s perfect, and touching. I’ve seen these driftwood sculptures, they are gorgeous. Thank you for the kind words and the shout out and link, sweetie. Looking forward to the A to Z and reading more of your stories :-))


  2. I love the imagery of creating his heart, using what’s been discarded and even discarding some of what he’s found. The fact that he is spent to a point beyond tears resonates strongly. This was fabulous!


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