Sonnet: She Is Everything


Strength and wit; intelligence abounding

Everything I’ve looked for, she is imbued

Smile that lights the eyes, the face, astounding,

In her loving embrace I come unglued.

As flowery words overstate feelings

Over demonstrative actions abhor,

Sense of secure caring love, revealing,

What is expressed in small details do soar.

Yet, still so much road to travel along

Moving away from past errors and pain

That we both did suffer from others, wrong

Needing to let those go; nothing to gain.

In silence, spoken, written, touched…so earned

The happiest thing, to have love returned



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  1. Really enjoyed this! Visiting from the A to Z Challenge site – looking forward to what you post in April! Enjoy!

    Elaine, A Heart 4 Heaven (#78)


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