Get Grandma Drunk! (and AtoZ Blogfest info)

“Another Margarita!”
The call goes out to Dad,
In the kitchen carving  turkey.
Grandma is lightly buzzed,
The night  not right until she’s completely lit.
“Another Margarita!”
The giggles keep on flowing,
Grandchildren laughing, ribbing,
As Grandma sips hers on ice,
Malaprops dropping left and right.
“Another Margarita!”
Dad has one, two,
The night flies swiftly, swiftly
Grandma’s head lolls to the side
Snoring gently, festivity complete.

I’ll be participating in this year’s AtoZ Challenge, my second.

Last year I was just finding my feet with Tale Spinning, and attempted a month long ongoing story. I played with different styles, different voices, and had an interesting piece come out of it. I may still revisit the world of Winston, Elora and Daniel.

This year, I am writing on a theme: The Apartment Building

I have titles for each of the letters of the alphabet (thanks go to my SO for helping out with those). None are written yet, as I will try my best to do what I did last year: write and post daily.

It’s not too late to join in.

26 entries over the course of the month of April.Start on April 1st with A, skip the following Sundays, and you’ll finish with Z on the last day of the month.It’s an exhilarating experience to be part of.

Hope you enjoy!

(if you want to join in, the challenge is over 1,200 strong! click on the above image)

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  1. This grandma does not like margeritas but if it was wine now…..Have passed the AtoZ stuff to hubby who does things like that (did NanoRimo a couple of times) Wish he would finish one of those novels It was good but stuck in editing


  2. Hmmm…. I could be that Grandma 😉 Will have to share this with my kids!
    Good luck with the AtoZ challenge… sounds interesting and fun. Maybe I’ll get in on it next year… too many other things in the fire right now.
    How soon til Margarita time?? It has to be five o’clock somewhere! 😉


    • I did both the AtoZ AND the Ultimate Blog Challenge last April. It was great big gobs of fun, churning out that much material. This year, just the AtoZ for me.

      This grandma did not get run over by a reindeer. She’d be the one doing the run over. 😉


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