Not What They Seem (#AtoZChallenge)


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Welcome to… The Apartment Building: Swan Rise

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nathan lerner: girl with two faces, 1932

You know it’s all different behind closed doors
The smiles and nods in the hallways
The outside face, to you, presented
Covers the same as a locked refuge.
Maybe not all; some are the same, always
Pleasant, mean or fragile
But, there is mostly truth once bolted inside
Thin walls do not mask all they should.
Who cries, who screams, who silently fumes;
What gets shattered, what’s endangered, what’s ignored;
Where has the love gone, how, in some has it grown;
Which nest is left empty, emptier than the norm?
Open up, and the public face arrives
Laughter and forgiving, meals and gifts
Last only so long; Nothing real lets slip
There is turmoil in the best of houses
Quiet relief in the rest.
When the lights go out
One by one
What was enacted on two stages
Is swept under the rug.

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  1. nice presentation of the two faces(or more) that most of us wear through our lives. Sometimes for evil, most times begnign, in self defense. You gave a great description, and nice to see a poem again.


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