A to Z: The Complete Swan Rise Series


Open House: Trespassers Welcome

Swan Rise Apartments went out like an exploding lamb; it came in like a sleeping lion… but the building, and its inhabitants, did not always remain so. They lived lives that were hungry, playful, sleepy, lusty, fearful, agitated and on the prowl; they reared their young, and did what they needed to survive in this vertical village.

Welcome to… Swan Rise Apartments


…and so, the story unfolds. 26 interlocking stories set in the world of Swan Rise Apartments, all written for the A to Z Challenge that ran throughout April 2012.

You’ll find links to all the stories below; each one stands alone, but many have roots and connections in other chapters.Β  As a whole, it tells a story of the lives that swirl around apartment building life.

Each Sunday, I’ll re-post these links in case you missed any and for your ease in finding them.

The stories will remain up only for the month of May. As of June 1st, I will be taking all of the stories down from Tale Spinning so I can work on a larger second draft of the work. Some of the earlier pieces need fleshing out, and discoveries I made along the way need their roots dug deeply in the beginnings.

May 30th will be your last chance to read, and comment, on these stories. Hopefully, you’ll eventually hold an expanded version in your hands.

Comments are always welcome no matter when you read the story.

Week #1: A to G

All, Tumbling Down

Basement Boogie

Children in the Hall

Doggie Doings

Equivocation Elite


Ground, Breaking


Week #2: H to M

Holidays, Haunts and Hearts

Imaginings of Love

Jung, @Heart

Kindred Spheres

Laundry Room Mafia

Mrs. Beatty


Week #3: N to S

Not What They Seem

One Man’s Ceiling…

Pollination in the Parking Lot

Quack, Quack

Retraction of Gravity

Super, My Super


Week #4: T to Z

Thieving Ways

Underneath It All

Vertically Challenged

Weather Man, Oh


Yeah…Life Goes On…

Zenith: Arising

6 responses »

  1. Stuart, your advice honey……

    I know you’re removing your brilliant stories because you want to have them published, and I totally understand the whole thing about publishers wanting stuff that has never been published before, soooo, my question…. Should I remove my 26 characters? They’re only in rough form at the moment, the stories themselves haven’t been written (and not appeared on my blog) so do you think it would be best to remove them or do you think they’re ok to stay put?

    Decisions decisions lol

    Really looking forward to seeing all yours together in a book hon πŸ™‚



    • Yours are, imo, “character sketches”, and may not be considered in the same way as a full story. You’re searching for more of the back story of the characters left a lot open. Leaving them up is your decision: do you think you’ll get more readers from leaving them, or from future shorts you’ll do? I’d take them down, if it was my work. Hope that helps.


  2. I enjoyed my visits to Swan Rise, meeting and learning more about the Laundry Mafia, Mrs. Beatty and the “how” or “why” behind it’s explosive ending. It’s also cool to see you’re taking this a step further. I’ve decided to write out a novel/novella version of my A to Z blog opera and self-publish it as that will give me a great deal of control regarding the time table of release.


    • Damyanti did that with her stories last year, and it has gotten her a lot of new readers. I would like to try first “real” publishing before I head to the self-publishing route. Good Luck, Angela, and thank you. Glad you’ve enjoyed the tales.


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