When Did We Get So Old? (A Picture Book)

When did we get so old?
I don’t mean the aches and pains
The loss of memories
Nor the furrows in our brows
The wrinkles and changes
Sagging skin
When did we get so old
That we shake our head what is new
And “tsktsktsk” like our grandparents
And hold onto regrets
Or retreat into the past
Saying goodbyes
More often?
Have we lost sight of fun
As vitality slowly takes flight
Of purpose more then money
Holding onto things
Letting people go
More afraid of dying
Then living
What is wrong with living young,
Being silly and thinking free?
Afraid more of the grey on top
Instead of the growing malaise
Of the grey reaching down
Sucking us dry
Withering insides

(c) Matt Brown

When did we get so old?
Time is a passing thing
We have no control
It is what it is
So let it pass
So let it pass
I have a kite to fly


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  1. Stuart, I am SO lucky that I have a young child (ok, he’s about to turn 21- shudders) that has made it impossible for me to act my age. I always wanted an excuse- and he provided me with a fantastic reason. Heaven help me if I turn into the old fart that I really am now that he shall be deemed “legal”.


    • I was a young dad, so my son is now 31 and my daughter 28. I LOVED having the energy that I did have to be with them; now, it’s up to me to stay as young as I can inside. Yeah…legal..such a funny word. 😉 Thanks Roy


  2. This is great! Love it. Some times I feel old just from exhaustion. It makes you feel grouchy and I forget to be silly and free. All it takes is me watching my 2-yearold and it reminds me to smile and giggle.


  3. Ah, yes; it is sad when we start catching ourselves saying all those things that used to infuriate us when our dad said them to us, like “You call that music?” and “What is wrong with you kids, don’t you have any sense?” Of course it’s getting to where I look in the mirror and see my father’s face staring back at me. Spooky.

    I try to think young, but my body keeps disagreeing.


  4. Beautiful poem. Poignant.
    However,I have too much yet to get done, to achieve, too many books to publish, too many projects to finish, and too many new adventures to experience, to allow myself to get old. It would be like giving up before my time.


  5. I promised myself a long time ago, that I would never get too old to be silly. One of my favorite things to due is when I find myself outside during a full moon, no matter where I am, I lift my and HOWL !!! I also save worms that are still alive on the sidewalk after a rain, by putting them back on the dirt. Silly me.


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