Electric Vehicle Charging (SIGNS; A to Z Challenge)


Electric Vehicle ChargingDoori stood impatiently  in line waiting to recharge. She was going to be late for school again, but she had used up most of the juice last night at Perfect’s party, and it was either be late or fizzle out during Futures. Again.

Finally;  the charging pads. Quicknip, she plugged her feet and hands into the appropriate slots after zipping in the lead to her left temple. Doori closed her eyes as recharge went into overdrive. Tunes played, game control returned, her body whirred.

Creds will be through the roof, and she knew she’d hear about it.

She didn’t care.


For the April 2014 A to Z Blog Challenge, you will find a story a day (except Sundays) from me. A to Z: Staring with A on Tuesday, April 1st and ending with Z on Wednesday, April 30th.

Signs is my theme for this year’s outing. Road signs, building signs, warning signs…Signs alert us to a multitude of messages. My plan is to use the alphabet through Signage, but not to stick to what the sign was originally intended to convey. So, the genre of story writing, and styles, of the posts will vary as my mood and interpretation sees fit. Possibly a poem or two. We’ll see.

I’m also trying something more of a challenge: each post will be a Drabble. A Drabble is  100 Words Exactly.

Hope you enjoy the stories.


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  1. Futuristic, intriguing and a little scary. When I see hordes of teens walking along glued to their phones, and read about Google Glass and possible skin implants, I really wonder how long it will be until the majority of humanity becomes completely plugged in to virtual reality, and completely unplugged from each other.


    • This was inspired by the charging stations for things: no longer a real need to plug in Just place the object on it and it charges. Thanks Lisa..yeah, it’s scary


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