Falling Rock (SIGNS: A to Z Challenge)


fallingrockHe was told how strong he was; how his hope and courage in the face of such overwhelming circumstances just proved what lay inside of him. Wasn’t it a wonder than he could still turn to others, offer them gratitude, peace, friendship.. support, that is showed the brave and good heart inherent in his being?

He wondered how much stronger he could be. He felt his footing slipping away, that foundation eroding with  each anxiety-driven  pounding of his heart.   He knew it was a precarious balancing act.

He had been balancing for so very long.

He didn’t want to fall.





For the April 2014 A to Z Blog Challenge, you will find a story a day (except Sundays) from me. A to Z: Staring with A on Tuesday, April 1st and ending with Z on Wednesday, April 30th.

Signs is my theme for this year’s outing. Road signs, building signs, warning signs…Signs alert us to a multitude of messages. My plan is to use the alphabet through Signage, but not to stick to what the sign was originally intended to convey. So, the genre of story writing, and styles, of the posts will vary as my mood and interpretation sees fit. Possibly a poem or two. We’ll see.

I’m also trying something more of a challenge: each post will be a Drabble. A Drabble is 100 Words Exactly.

I hope you enjoy these short pieces.


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